Epic Games Serves Beef To Google and Apple

Epic Games Serves Beef With Google and Apple

Epic games has recently decided to snipe at Apple and Google with its own version of an App Store.

Unlike Apple and Google’s massive 30% Commission rates, Epic has a lower rate of 12% rates, allowing developers to keep 88% of the app revenue. For the initial release, Epic has custom selected “PC” and “MAC” Games only.

Throughout 2019, Epic will introduce Android as well as other platform apps. So basically, developers get a major boost in their revenue if they switch over to Epic’s version of the App Store. Considering the reach and brand epic already has, it wouldn’t be tough for Epic to get users in their digital store. The real question here though is, “Does Epic really need this?”


In August Epic instructed new Android users to download fortnite directly from Epic, opposing against Google play store. Epic did not want to pay Google a 30% cut and insisting that is too high for any sort of commission.

The above events might have been the real reason for Epic to release their own version of an app store with rates that are far more competitive.

This threat is real!

Google and Apple might be forced lower their commission rates because of this new app store. For now, all Epic has to prove that their marketplace is equally secure as it’s competitors, if not better.

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In other news,

Well known American rapper “2 Milly” has filed a case in California against Epic over the use of the popular emote “Swipe it”.

Telegraph, first reports , the famous rapper saying that he doesn’t really care about the millions fortnite apparently made, he just feel he needs to protect what is his. He claims that Epic never asked him whether they could use his iconic “Milly Rock” dance move.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity is upset with Epic, Donald Faison knocked Epic for stealing his “Poison” dance, from the show Scrubs.

For now, Epic refuses to comment on this situation as litigation ongoing.


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