Epic Announces Infinity Blade Vaulted

Fortnite infinty blade vaulted
Image source: Epic Games

The Infinity Blade has been vaulted prior to changes announced for the v7.10 update

Epic has quickly responded to fans criticizing the addition of the Infinity Blade by vaulting it. Unlike the addition of Thanos, the new weapon has been under scrutiny since its introduction into Fortnite shortly after the release of Season 7.

Complaints poured in during the Winter Royale, when semifinalists had to deal with the Blade changing the meta and planning, just hours before the tournament was set to wrap up.

Epic Tweets Infinity Blade being Vaulted

One thing to love about Epic, they admit to their mistakes, stating the Blade was “Overpowered”. Epic responds to its fans request less then 48hours after the conclusion of the Winter Royale:

Blade Vaulting Prior to the V7.10 update

24 hours earlier, Epic announced tweaks being rolled out to the infinity blade removing harvesting and building capabilities.

Unlike Thanos, harvesting and building is possible when the blade is equipped. Epic had announced, via reddit, that this was about to change:

source: Reddit
Epic Responds

When Epic says they will monitor the adjustments, they mean it. Should we see a pattern that deviates game play, I strongly believe Epic will not shy away to make more changes. Things could have been very different if the blade would have made it’s intro a little later into Season 7. With the Blade playing a huge factor during the Winter Royale, it’s fate was sealed. The blade in LTM would have been a good starting point and we will have to see if it’s vaulted or removed forever.

Season 7 is only a week old, there will be plenty of new items and weapons introduced as we move forward. The Infinity Blade being vaulted will quickly become a fade as time passes and new items will take center stage.

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