Drunk Ninja Rants About Epic Games “Taking Vacation”

Drunk Ninja rants about fortnite glitches while intoxicated during twitch stream
img source: Ninja Twitch

While Drunk on stream, Ninja lashes out about encountering new glitches over the past 2 weeks, should Epic Games have taken time off?

Amidst what seems like another drunk stream, Ninja takes a break from playing to criticize Epic and the consequences of them taking a break from work.

Ninja points out that since Epic games took a break of almost two weeks, numerous glitches have been creeping into the game. 5 plane glitches alone currently prevail and Ninja isn’t happy one bit.

He says he loves Epic games and commends them for every dollar they make, but previous game titles like h1z1 had lost their momentum because they did not keep up with the game glitches acting too late on them.

Apart from the five plane glitches, Ninja says that 8 other glitches currently exist in the game and Epic isn’t doing anything about it. Ninja continues his rant by stating that he is more than willing to go to Epics office and ask them “where are the game updates?”.

His Rant

Ninja is voicing more frustration then usual, beginning with Stream snipers that seem to be affecting all Twitch Streamers. Season 7 has been a rocky thus far, with the introduction of the infinity blade during the winter royale semi finals and the addition of planes. The majority of streamers are in attack mode, needless to say Epic has done an amazing job keeping most of their 200 million players happy.

Epic decides to take a break and the community gets frustrated with new glitches. Give them a chance and things will play out fine. Before jumping to conclusions, lets see what the next update has in store for us. Epic does not shy away or wait around should items need to be disabled on the spot. If planes and turrets are still in the game it’s for a reason.

Here is the clip of Ninja lashing out about glitches: 


He further adds-in stating that Epic games should have added more personnel during the break to solely work on the “maintenance” aspect of the game.

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