DrLupo Hilariously Roasts CouRage During Fortnite World Cup

DrLupo Hilariously Roasts CouRage During Fortnite World Cup

DrLupo and CouRage JD are close friends, from hosting events and streaming together. But during the Fortnite World Cup, DrLupo couldn’t hold back and roasts CouRage.

Fortnite World Cup Casters

DrLupo and CouRage are one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in the game today. DrLupo has been streaming for years now, starting off with Destiny and H1Z1. He moved onto PUBG and now has been streaming Fortnite primarily. He’s accumulated millions of followers, and due to his calm and friendly nature has won the hearts of many gamers. DrLupo is regarded as the “community dad”, since he’s older than most of the Fortnite streamers out there. DrLupo is also one of the best Fortnite players in the game, which granted him top spot on Rogue esports Fortnite lineup. When DrLupo isn’t playing competitively, he’s a caster for Fornite esports events.

Alongside DrLupo is his close friend, CouRage JD. Also known as Jack Dunlop. CouRage is a highly successful Twitch streamer, streaming games like Fortnite (primarily) and Call of Duty. Courage started off his career as a MLG commentator, hosting Call of Duty esports events as well as vlogging for most of his time. He also has millions of followers like DrLupo and continues to thrive in the streaming community.

Both DrLupo and CouRage were given the opportunity to be casters for this weeks Fortnite World Cup tournament. DrLupo and CouRage have done many other Fortnite events in the past, and they are very good at what they do.

DrLupo Roasts CouRage During Fortnite World Cup

During the Fortnite World Cup, CouRage and DrLupo were having fun, making jokes, and enjoying the games they were casting. At one point during the event, one of the matches finished and cameras were back on the casters. DrLupo was taking the lead and was asked to share his thoughts of the match. That’s when he decided to roast Courage on live stream and get the one-up. Watch as DrLupo hilariously pokes fun at CouRage.

DrLupo said:

“The only thing honestly I find more disgusting than Cloaks ability to navigate his way outside of the storm, take control of the situation is CouRage JD in front of an entire plate of nachos.”

CouRage JD presumably was the one clapping out of the cameras range. It was a hilarious moment as DrLupo poked fun at CouRage while he wasn’t expecting it. DrLupo followed up saying that they should have a side by side comparison of the match and CouRage eating nachos.

DrLupo CouRage JD Fortnite World Cup Insult
Source: Twitch

The joke was all for kicks and giggles, and obviously CouRage knows where this was going to go. Perhaps he is planning his next move when DrLupo isn’t expecting it. We’ll find out sooner or later. But for the meantime, we know DrLupo has an advantage over CouRage.

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