Dance In Front Of A Bat Statue In Fortnite Location

Dance In Front Of A Bat Statue In Fortnite Location
  • There are three locations for the bat challenge in Fortnite. You will need to dance in front of a Bat Statue, and here are the locations to complete the challenge in this guide.

Dance In Front Of A Bat Statue In Fortnite Location

Fortnite Battle Royale became a game about challenges for many players. Players do the challenges and earn something (hopefully). Well, this week’s challenges are already fresh off the rack and they are called Boogie Down Missions. Fortnite Battle Royale is offering much more challenges and missions to players every season. We can see players now even able to complete skin challenges from previous seasons. This calls for the opportunity for many players who wants to collect skins etc. It is also just good reputation for Epic Games for not letting players down after they buy even 1 season pass. These challenges as most of us know are changing in difficulty according to the prize. Some of these challenges can also be locked behind Season Pass. This challenge requires players to dance in front of a bat statue, find a giant ground pool, and find where the giant seat location is.

On top of the weekly Secret Season battle star challenges that players can continue to do, Epic Games pushed out the Boogie Down Missions to mix things up from last week. Here’s where to find the Fortnite bat, pool and seat.

Where to find Fortnite Bat Statue to dance?

The Bat Statue is easy to find for many players. The players need to visit Haunted Hills for this challenge. Haunted Hills has one big building the bat statue is across this building. It is inside a small cemetery and easy to find for players if you turn your back towards the big church-like building facing the seaside. You will see the bat statue across you towards the right side. Players can also check this map for the exact location.

where are the bat statues in Fortnite
Epic Games

As well, you will need to find a way above Ground Pool and dance at this location, and find a Seat for Giants to dance on. Only then will you complete the challenge.

Here are the coordinates to find them:

1. Bat Statue Location in Fortnite: Found at Haunted Hills, coordinates B-2 on the FN map grid.
2. Giant Ground Pool Location in Fortnite: Found below Shifty Shafts. coordinates E-8 on the Fortnite map.
3. Giant Seat Location Fortnite: Found near Polar Peak, on the FN map grid: D-8.

After you have found the bat statue, giant seat and Fortnite pool location you just need to dance in front of it. This will allow players to complete this mission.

Fortnite Bat Statue Video

Players can also what this video from HarryNienetyFour in order to find the location of the Bat Statue.

Once players have complete this challenge, there are several more that Epic Games has released in their battle royale game for today. Good luck to all players looking to complete the “Dance in Front of a Bat Statue” challenge.

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