Dance Behind The Fortnite DJ Booth At Dance Club With The YOND3R Outfit Location

Dance Behind The Fortnite DJ Booth At Dance Club With The YOND3R Outfit Location
  • One of the Boogie Down challenges requires you to dance behind the DJ Booth at the Dance Club with the YOND3R Outfit. Here’s how to complete the challenge.

Fortnite DJ Booth At Dance Club With The YOND3R Outfit

The weekly challenges are out today, and they are all about Disco Dancing! Called the “Boogie Down” challenges, Epic Games is getting players to do all sorts of disco related challenges, all the way from dancing in front of a bat statue/ground pool/giant seat to destroying no dance signs, and even visiting a giant piano to play some music. The next challenge with the Boogie Down is to actually get behind a DJ Booth at a Dance club while having on the YOND3R outfit. It’s one of those challenges that’s fairly easy to do, and it doesn’t require much complexity to complete.

Where is the Fortnite DJ Booth Location?

For this Fortnite challenge, players are required to glide down to the dance club which is located northeast of Happy Hamlet. There’s a broken building there with a massive giant hole on the side. As you glide down to the building, you can simply just enter the giant building and land right behind the Fortnite DJ Booth at the dance club. Although there are no people there to watch you DJ, all you need to do is dance behind the booth to complete this simple challenge. There is no prestige challenge, but perhaps Epic could have made this challenge a little harder. The only way it might be difficult is if you encounter many players who are well equipped with weapons. Here’s the location of the DJ booth in Fortnite:

#1 – Location of DJ Booth and Dance Club In Fortnite: Head North East of Happy Hamlet which is E-9 on the FN grid map.

Video of Location

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who shows where to find the DJ Booth at the Fortnite Dance Club location:

Past Fortnite Challenges

Last week Fortnite has the Blockbuster challenges which consisted of visiting Dusty Depot in order to reach a meteor. The other challenge required players to visit the run down hero mansion and abandoned villain hideout locations. The challenges change on a weekly basis and some players are saying that Season 9 consisted of better challenges, however, Season 10 isn’t finished yet so we’ll need to wait to see what Epic Games throws at us next week.

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