Daequan Experiences New Fortnite Shadow Bomb Bug?

Daequan Experiences New Fortnite Shadow Bomb Bug

The new Shadow Bomb came out with Fortnite’s update 8.51, and players seem to be experiencing glitches already. TSM Daequan is shown using the Shadow bomb, however, lasting more than the 6-second duration noted by Epic Games developers.

Fortnite v8.51 Patch Notes

The Fortnite Battle Royale official Reddit community page received a new update, and all the information was mentioned in the Patch v8.51: Megathread post. Posted by FortniteBRMods, many updates were included, such as the new Shadow Bomb, weapons and items, Gameplay bugs and fixes, and acknowledging known issues. However, the most important item on the list was the Shadow Bomb, which allows players to experience a semi-transparent type state. Players can become shadows which is invisible to enemies. It also increases the speed of players and allows them to perform double jumps.

However, some streamers have been reporting Shadow Bomb bugs already, and Daequan from the esports team TSM has captured the so-called bug during one of his streams.

Shadow Bomb Bug

The question here is if this is a real Shadow Bomb bug. Players have been testing out the new item and during one of Daequan’s streams, he is seen using the Shadow Bomb and lasting more than 6 seconds. Why is this particularly important? Because on the Fortnite Patch v8.51: Megathread (source: here), the FortniteBRMods mention that the ability will last only 6-seconds. The mods have not mentioned anything else in regards to the Shadow Bombs, which possibly goes without saying that players can expect more dynamics than just a 6-second duration. Watch Daequan as he experiences a longer duration for the Shadow Bomb.

The main question is whether or not this is an actual glitch in the game? When Daequan is shown throwing his shadow bomb grenade on the ground, he immediately turns invisible and starts to jump and climb the building. However, the continues to do so, while staying invisible. In the patch notes, it doesn’t mention any additional mechanics to using the grenade. It does look very off, in the sense that if players can continue to climb something, they will remain unseen to enemies.

Towards the end of the video, both streamers in the room experience the same occurrence, which leads us to believe that this is part of the game mechanics. Continuously jumping resets the duration your player stays in “shadow mode”. Will this necessarily mean that players will experience this in game?

Fortnite Patch Update Trailer

In the official trailer, from a drone perspective, players can see how the Shadow bomb works. However, they do not show the player in the trailer last longer than 6-seconds in duration. If this is indeed a glitch, Fortnite devs will need to do more bug fixes for this newly released patch. With Season 8 coming to an end, it seems that players have experienced more issues with the game than they would have hoped for.

Fortnite Battle Royale Shadow Bomb Bug Fixes
Epic Games

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