Crazy Feet Emote Is Same Dance From Grandma’s Boy


Another Fortnite Emote is shown referencing a well known scene from the movie Grandma’s Boy

The hot topic around celebrities and Fortnite these days is not them playing the game but how everyone is trying to sue Epic for dances they claim Epic is stealing.

The lawsuit train is in full force this month as we have seen three big names step forward with claims they were ripped off. 2 Milly got everything started when he put in his lawsuit claiming Epic recreated his Milly Rocks dance.

‘Fresh Prince’ star Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton, was next suing Epic for use of his character dance on the show. The ‘Fresh’ emote is an exact remake of the dance that made Carlton famous.


Next we have internet socialite, Backpack Kid, with Tmz first reporting,  his mother placing a lawsuit claiming Epic ripped off a dance he created in 2016. He says his ‘floss dance’ is a huge hit with Fortnite fans and he wants his royalties from it.

Crazy Feet Emote

A new video has surfaced on Reddit, comparing the ‘Crazy Feet’ emote to Nick Swardson’s funny dance in the 2006 hit comedy ‘Grandma’s Boy’. The clip is from Dance Dance Revolution arcade game, where Swardson’s pulls off some hilarious moves.

By comparing the Fortnite emote and Movie dance, there is no doubt that this is the same dance.

No lawsuits have been filed as of yet, but we will continue to monitor this one closely.

The Crazy Feet emote is a reference to a Nick Swardson’s DDR dance from the movie Grandma’s Boy. from FortNiteBR

Epic Next Move

It will be interesting to see how these lawsuits end up. We are guessing Epic will have no problem shelling over money to keep the emotes in the game. New emotes average out to around 800 Vbucks, which is around 8 USD. Once an emote comes around the shop a second time, they can be purchased for as low as 300 vbucks.

It really comes down to Epic figuring out what they want to do. Continue to look for classic dances used in the past and pay the entity before they lawyer up. They can also go down the road of hiring dances to make their own customs. With the amount of money Epic earns from the item shop, both scenarios would be profitable.


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