CourageJD Shares Frustrations about Fortnite Season 7

CourageJD frustation with fortnite season 7 planes dynamite boombox

A lot of change is happening in Fortnite since the launch of season 7 with Epic incorporating new vehicles, rotation assistance and weapons with almost all of the Twitch Streamers complaining about them. 

From a developer’s point of view, the game looks amazing. They have introduced in air-combat, with planes being the main topic of conversation. In all honesty, once planes were Nerfed and health damage went up, plane usage started changing. You think twice where to fly into and how long you want to stay before ejecting. It is now very easy to get shot down and we mostly see planes dueling air-combat or using them for rotation. As the storm closes in we seldom see planes in the air. This is more about stream snipers using planes to annoy streamers then it is planes being in the game.

For example, Pro-streamers CourageJD voiced out the fact that they are often left with a frustrating state while playing the game.

Here is his rant:

The key highlights of CourageJD’s rant are:

  • Dynamite, Boombox, planes and the sword reduce the skill gap between players.
  • Pro players are now struggling when facing weaker opponents that ideally shouldn’t even have a chance to shoot at them.

By skill gap, what CourageJD is referring to is the “aggressive and intelligent” gameplay pro-streamers have become famous for. Pro players have spent months working on various techniques such as speed building and high-ground battles. Gaining high ground and building solid defense structures are not skills that are obtained overnight. The recent items added this season have certainly caused problems for Pro-players as their builds are constantly brought down. Sky-battles are now a thing of the past.

The reason for these changes

At the moment Epic is trying to incorporate players from all platforms to enjoy and compete in the game equally. It is true that the advantage PC players have over other platforms is changing drastically. Planes, boomboxes and Dynamite give an amateur a chance when facing a stronger opponent.

These additions help take a 1v1 to the ground, giving the average gamer a chance.

What are your thoughts on the additions? Do you agree with CourageJD?

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