New Fortnite Competitive Subreddit Announced Called “Inside Fortnite”

New Fortnite Competitive Subreddit Announced.
  • As Fortnite continues to grow in the world of esports, the competitive community is growing as well. There’s a new competitive Fortnite subreddit and it’s called “Inside Fortnite”. 

New Fortnite Competitive Subreddit Announced Called “Inside Fortnite”

Reddit is one of the most liberal places in the world. We know for a fact that people love to discuss and share their opinions about everything and Reddit provides that. Reddit is also widely used by gamers. Today some of the games such as Fortnite post their game updates to Reddit first before they even put it onto their website. There are several reasons behind this. This allows them to measure the communities reactions to changes and it gives them an idea about almost anything. For example, some of the skins today are actually Reddit created skins.

Therefore Reddit, as we have said before, is an important tool in today’s gaming world. However, this does not mean that Reddit is without its drawbacks. Sometimes people just love to bomb a subreddit about anything and troll the community. Also, there are toxic people. Therefore, Fortnite is taking another step towards changing this. The Fortnite Competitive subreddit was a haven for competitive minded hardcore players. However, recently this page was filled with hate towards everything. Fortnite Competitive is still online but there is a new subreddit now called Fortnite Insider.

Why Was Inside Fortnite Created?

This is done because moderation at Fortnite Competitive was not up to the standard. Therefore, there were some problems regarding what people were talking about. This new subreddit, Fortnite Insider, is available right now and each of the posts will be manually checked and approved. This is an amazing development because some players are just going in to learn some new tricks and how to better their game. The new subreddit is already filled with informative videos and tips & tricks. We do hope that this is a positive move for the community. If you want to visit this post all you need to do is just join here.

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