All Fortnite Floating Rings at Lazy Lake Location

All Fortnite Floating Rings at Lazy Lake Location
  • 4 Fortnite Floating Rings are located around the Fortnite map. Players need to collect floating rings to complete the challenge. Here’s how to complete this mission.

All Fortnite Floating Rings at Lazy Lake Location

Since Fortnite released Season 3, the game has brought back many players who left to play other titles. Season 3 was long in the making, and since it’s release Fortnite has seen a huge uptrend in both Google and Twitch analytics. Continuing with the whole map flood theme, Epic Games released their newest challenges for today. The first challenge involves collecting floating rings at Lazy Lake. Of course, the Fortnite rings will be placed randomly so you’ll need to search for it around Lazy Lake.

Additionally, Fortnite added a neat emote in their store that you can check out. It’s the new Sackin’ emote:

Where are the Floating Rings in Fortnite?

Season 3 for Fortnite Chapter 2 continues strong, and Epic is not slowing down with their regular weekly challenges. In this challenge, you need to collect 4 rings at Lazy Lake. The position of the rings are random, so you’ll need to do some searching before finding all 4 Fortnite floating rings. The challenge specifically states,”Collect Floating Rings at Lazy Lake“. Like other Location challenges, this one is a little more challenging since you’ll need to build to reach certain floating rings. Here is the Fortnite map and the location of Lazy Lake below:

Where are the Floating Rings in Fortnite
Epic Games
Location: Fortnite Floating Ring Location – At Lazy Lake (F-6 on the map grid)

As you land at Lazy Lake, one of the rings is on the balcony over looking the lake near the patios. The second ring is located in the middle of the parking lot. It will be on top of a tree in which you’ll need to build to get to it. The 3rd ring is at the gate entrance. The 4th ring is on the side of the No Sweat Insurance building. Simply build to get in between the building’s ledge to get the ring.

Once you collect all 4 rings you’ve completed the Fortnite Challenge.

Here is a video by Harry Fortynine of all Fortnite rings Locations:

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