Catch Air With a Motorboat in Fortnite Weekly Challenge

Catch Air With a Motorboat in Fortnite Weekly Challenge
  • Catch Air With a Motorboat in Fortnite to complete the TNTina’s Trial Challenges. There is a hard way and an easy way to do this challenge. We show you the easy way below.

How To Catch Air With a Motorboat in Fortnite

Season 2 in Fortnite continues to go strong, with Epic Games updating it’s weekly challenges to give the players a run for their time. In addition to the weekly challenges, word has come out that there might be Fortnite helicopters in the game soon as leakers found files in the code showcasing helicopter details. The Fortnite community has their take on new vehicles coming into the game as there have been major problems with the airplane and B.R.U.T.E. But while players are waiting for more information about this leak, the new challenges have been released today which resolves around TNTina’s Trial Challenges. We’ve seen two other challenges today, one for propane tanks in Fortnite, and the other is a location challenge, specifically in the new areas of the Season 2 FN map.

Today’s challenge is part of the TNTina’s Trial Challenges.

Where is the Motorboat in Fortnite?

There are 5 locations to visit in order to complete TNTina’s Trial Challenges. But players need to follow a trail near the Rig on the river using a Fortnite motorboat. The challenge specifically states on the menu screen to “Catch Air With a Motorboat“. Players will need to find the motorboat, and follow the Fortnite trail to catch air on jump ramps. Players need to reach a certain height in order to complete the mission. If players do not reach a certain height they will need to go around and jump off the ramp again at high speeds with the boat.

The easiest method to do this challenge (although there is no hard version of this challenge) is to build your own ramp in the ocean and then jump off of it 5 times.

Location of Motorboat jump ramps:

1. Motorboat Fortnite Location: East of The Rig (B-7 on the map)
Where is the Motorboat in Fortnite
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of How to Catch Air With a Motorboat in Fortnite:

If you’ve completed landing at all three locations, you can continue the Brutus’ Briefing challenges as Epic games have released more challenges in the new Season 2 for Fortnite Chapter 2 . Good luck!

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