Carbon Commando Skin And Carbon Pack Now Available

Carbon Commando Skin
The new Carbon Pack is PlayStation’s 5th pack installment available for PS Plus subscribers, here is how to get it.

If you are a PlayStation 4 player with a PlayStation Plus subscription, you are eligible to download, for free, Fortnite’s brand new Carbon Pack. The cosmetics included with the download are the Carbon Commando Outfit and Carbon Pack Back Bling.

The new Carbon Pack is Epic’s 5th edition available for PS4 players. The difference this time around, is account merging is now active so players who have a linked PS4 account can use the new cosmetics on PC if they wish.

Just like previous Fortnite Packs, the Carbon Pack is available in the PlayStation Store for most countries. Downloading is simple, just access the PlayStation Store via your PS4 console. Click on Ad-Ons, then New. Once inside the New Ad-Ons menu, the Carbon Pack will be available for download.

PS Plus Fortnite Carbon Pack

Just like previous Fortnite Packs, the cosmetics can be used for both Battle Royale and Creative modes. Your locker will also import the Carbon Pack if you have merged accounts and play on multiple platforms.

The Carbon Pack promotion is solely available for PS4 players and will never show up in the Fortnite Item Shop. The Carbon Pack will remain active for a couple of weeks before being replaced with new items.

The last time Sony unveiled a free pack was in December 2018, when they released the Celebration Pack. The pack included the Prodigy Outfit and Tabulator Back Bling. That was the PS Plus Pack #4, the carbon pack now becomes #5. Here is the full list of all Fortnite packs released in the PS store since the start of 2018.

Closer Look

Still not sure if you like the skin? Here is a closer look at both Carbon Pack Cosmetics on Youtube.


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