Ark Fortnite Skin Looks Exactly Like Overwatch Mercy

Fortnite Ark skin compared to Overwatch Mercy

The Fortnite Battle Royale Ark Skin is causing controversy among fans because of how the skin eerily resembles an Overwatch character.

The Fortnite item shop is closely monitored, while players patiently anticipate what new skins and bling will be showcased for the day. In reality, besides Tfue, nobody wants to play as a default skin. Fortnite has the most diverse skin selection in the video game industry, starting from Knight themes to Maki Masters. Epic is praised upon for their skin creativity, however a new skin addition has raised some red flags. The Ark Skin Fortnite Introduction on January 10th 2019

Ark Vs Mercy resemblance 

The new Ark skin, at first glance, looks pricey with it’s 2000 v-bucks legendary price tag. However, the interesting part is, it looks exactly like the Overwatch character Mercy. Mercy is a well known character, as she is the face of Overwatch. Although Overwatch is losing it’s core fans, the game still has thousands of daily players and streamers. Being a Blizzard game, it’s normal for Overwatch to continue to hold ground and not fade so easily. Therefore it will be interesting to hear what Blizzard might say about the new Fortnite Ark skin.

On Reddit contributor, u/iMizurii made an excellent combination of both skins to compare. Both have a halo on their head, both have similar clothing and identical facial features. The new Ark skin can be Mercy’s twin sister for how much they lookalike. Some fans are claiming Fortnite is ripping off Overwatch.

Mercy vs Ark image
source: iMizurii reddit

This would not be the first time Fortnite is accused of having extremely similar skins with other game characters. The Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass skin Sledgehammer looks like Rainbow Six Siege operator Blackbeard.

sledgehammer fortnite skin vs blackbeard rainbox six

The Sledgehammer skin looks like the Blackbeard from Rainbow Six, however, it is nowhere near the similarity between the new Ark skin and Overwatch Mercy.

Another Fortnite skin with very close resemblance to another game character is Tech Ops. Tom Clancy’s popular series Splinter Cell. The series started off in 2002 and has released a total of 7 titles. The most iconic figure in the series is without a doubt the protagonist, Sam Fisher.

fortnite tech ops vs Sam Fisher Splinter Cell

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