All New Fortnite Consumable Animations

Fortnite Consumable Animations

Fortnite v8.10 brings new consumable animations to the game, here is a look at all new consumable animations.

As Season 8 evolves, Epic Games is bringing new things into Fortnite. Granted the numbers of Fortnite players have hit a plateau right now, adding fresh content is vital at this stage. The season storyline has yet to unfold, however, new items continue to be relased on a weekly basis. The new Baller Vehicles were the big addition with update v8.10, but the new animations is the first time Epic has made major changes to its consumables. Here is a look at all of them.

All of the consumables are getting a unique animation with update v8.10, a very nice touch to the game. Of course, nobody was expecting these changes considering players frequently ask for meta changes over cosmetic changes. The consumables appearance did not change with the new animations, however when consumed you can see details of characters popping up the caps, juice splilling and even mouths moving. The time it takes to use each consumable has not changed.

Fortnite Consumable Animations

Here is a video of how each and every one of them looks like.

As you can see that all of them look unique. As Fortnite Season 8 progresses there might be changes like this one on a regular basis. Maybe guns will have a more unique animation in the future. These changes and touch up from Epic Games are needed in the game. After 8 seasons of the same map, players are asking for new stuff. Since players are not getting a new map, these changes are nice touches to the game. But Epic Games needs to realize that the game needs another push for its future seasons.

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