All Fortnite Weapon Upgrade Benches Locations

All Fortnite Weapon Upgrade Benches Locations
  • 15 Fortnite weapon benches locations are spread on the west side of the Fortnite battle royale map. The weapon benches upgrade your weapons. Here is where to find them on the FN map.

All Fortnite Weapon Upgrade Benches Locations

Epic Games changed how Fortnite looks and how the game plays with Chapter 2. The most interesting thing maybe with this update is how players are able to now upgrade their weapons. Which was unexpected before this update. However, Epic Games did it and it plays very well. This new update is eliminating basically the RNG effect. Of course, this is changing the game and making it much more versatile.

Players are going to have much better weapons even at the beginning of a match. Most probably by the end of the game players are going to be not needing these. However, the beginning of a match and during the mid-session, it’s going to be important because nobody wants a grey assault rifle in their hands to play throughout the whole game. Because we all know that Fortnite balances their guns according to their Rarity. If you have a rare weapon you have a better chance of eliminating the opponent.

Where are the weapon upgrade benches in Fortnite?

There are 15 locations for the weapon benches in Fortnite, and each location will have one weapon bench to use. The locations of the Fortnite weapon upgrade benches are:

1. Sweaty Sands – Inside the large garage
2. Hydro 3 – Inside small building
3. Holly Hedges – Inside the fenced area
4. Logjam Woodworks – In the corner of the hanger
5. Flopper Pond – Inside the small building near the pond
6. Weeping Wooh – Inside one of the lodge buildings
7. Misty Meadows – Inside the building in front of the clock tower
8. Retail Row – In the small building near the water tower
9. Dirty Docks – Inside building next to the large truck
10. E.G.O. Staging Post – inside center post building next to a double tank.
11. Frenzy Farm – Inside small red shed on the side of the main building
13. Risky Reels – On the side of the house near the shed
14. Pleasant Park – Inside Gas Station
15. Craggy Cliffs – Inside the 1st garage door next to the lake.
Where are the weapon upgrade benches in Fortnite

Here is a video of all Fortnite weapon upgrade benches:

In order to get better weapons, players just need to go and find one of the Weapon upgrade benches. You need to use them in order to get a better weapon. Players need to use materials in order to upgrade their weapons. Obviously every upgrade is priced differently. If you have a common gun, and if you want to make it uncommon, you need to give 50 of each material. The prices change according to the rarity of the weapon. the most expensive one is Legendary, which is 350 materials for each material type. There are currently six upgrade benches around the map and they are located all around the map, so you will not find them at every POI.]

As you can see the weapon benches are spread all over the Fortnite map and they are heavily favored on the eastern side of the map. Regardless of this, these changes will make the game more fun and interesting.

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