All Fortnite Waterfall Locations

All Fortnite Waterfall Map locations

10 Waterfall locations spread across the Fortnite map, here is where to find them. 

All Fortnite Waterfall Locations

As Fortnite players scramble to complete as many Overtime Challenges as possible before the deadline, the Waterfall challenge is very simple when you know where to look. Visit 7 different Waterfalls across the map is a pesky Overtime Challenge, yet extremely simple to complete. You recognize them once you see them but they are hard to memorize. Because many of the waterfalls are located at the extremities of the map, it’s best to drop directly over the locations to save time. Also remember, a player can use planes to hover over the waterfalls and they will be registered. Using planes makes the challenge extremely easy.

Waterfall Locations 

There are 10 waterfalls spread across the Fortnite map with three of them being very close to each other, south of loot lake. It’s best to first drop north, to the right of Lazy Links as the first waterfall is located right there. From there work your way south to find the remaining six. Here is a closeup of all Fortnite waterfall locations to visit.

Fortnite Waterfall Locations

Also to note, no NEW waterfalls have formed with the fissures and cracks showing up on the map. 13 of the 20 Overtime challenges must be completed for players to unlock Season’s 8 Battle Pass.


Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber InTheLittleWood who includes a drone flyby video of all Waterfall locations:

There is no confirmation what to expect for the remaining four tasks to complete for the Overtime Challenge, as they are set for release around February 23rd. For players searching the waterfalls to unlock the Free season 8 Battle Pass, time is running out as Epic has confirmed a deadline of February 27th.

Completion Rate

Many Fortnite Battle Royale players have gone to their social media channels and posted that they’ve completed the all fortnite waterfall locations challenge. Good luck to those who are still trying to complete it.

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