All Fortnite Vault Symbols Locations

All Fortnite Vault Symbols Locations

3 Fortnite vault symbols locations are spread all over the Fortnite battle royale map. You need to find at least 3 vault symbol locations to complete the Pandora challenge. Here is where to find them in the game to complete the Fortnite challenge.

All Fortnite Vault Symbols Locations

The smash and grab missions have finished, and now Epic Games has a new challenge out for players today. The intro of season X brought new challenges, missions, skins, and weapons. One addition to season 10 was the Brute Mech which was surrounded by controversy. Fortnite pros left the Cash Grab challenge that Twitch Rivals was hosting due to the over-powered mech. However, Epic Games have finally put out an update which nerfed the BRUTE mech and toned it down. Now that players can focus on the game again, they are moving from the all Fortnite chests challenge and are now introduced to the Pandora challenge. It consists of visiting 3 places on the map to find the Fortnite symbols.

There is 3 vault symbol spread concentrated in one place on the FN map, which is located at the desert part of the battle royale island. You do have to find all 3 lost spray cans to complete the challenge, and you need to stand in front of the symbols to unlock the location/

Where are the Vault Symbols in Fortnite

The 3 vault symbol spots are at the Fortnite desert section of the map, and you need to find them all to beat the challenge. A good starting point would be to drop south of Paradise Palms where the road turns upwards. There you will find one of the Fortnite vaults. The containers have the symbol spray painted on them in the shape of an A, so it’s hard to miss. Since the locations of the Fortnite symbols are all in one place, it makes the challenge easy to complete. You can work your way up the desert towards Paradise Palms to find more symbols in the Fortnite challenge.

Locations of all Fortnite Vault Symbols

Here are all the exact locations of every vault symbol for the Fortnite Pandora challenge:

1). Located at the loop of the road on the desert (Map location I-9)
2). South of the desert (Map location H-9)
3). Southwest of the desert. There you will find 2 symbols (Map location G-9)
4). South Pond of the desert. It looks like a giant pool on the map (Map location G-9)
where is the vault symbol in Fortnite
Epic Games
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all vault symbols locations:

Fortnite Season x continues to have many different challenges, from the spray and pray challenges, the road trip missions, and the smash and grab challenges. Players also get to do the Secret Star Banner challenges on the a weekly basis.

Pandora Rift Zone

For those who have completed the challenges, Fortnite has a bunch of new skins in the Fortnite shop/store where you can get the latest gear. There’s the “Psycho Bundle” in the item shop. Additionally, players can create mayhem with the Pandora Prefab in Creative Mode. Complete the challenges to get new rewards and unlock awesome Fortnite content. Good Luck to all players and enjoy the Fortnite vault symbol challenge!

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