All Fortnite Stop Sign Locations

All Fortnite Stop Sign Locations

10 Fortnite Stop Sign locations are spread across the Fortnite battle royale map. You need to destroy 10 stop signs to complete the new challenge in Season 10. Here is where to find them in the game to complete the Fortnite stop sign challenge.

All Fortnite Stop Sign Locations

The new Fortnite Season 10 is here, and Epic Games has delivered brand new content such as the BRUTE introduction. The birthday cake event just ended and players were trying to finish the challenge as they knew today was the intro of season 10. All other challenges are now over with and players will have a long list of things to complete today which is the Road Trip Missions. This challenge is the stop sign challenge. It consists of destroying 10 stop signs around the map. However, there is also a prestige version of the challenge which requires you to destroy 7 stop signs in a single match,

There are 10 stop signs spread all over Pleasant Park, with most of the locations concentrated towards the left side of the map. You do have to find all 10 stop signs to beat the challenge, and you need to equip the catalyst outfit while doing so.

Where are the Stop Signs in Fortnite

There are 10 stop signs spread across the new Fortnite map, and you need to destroy all 10 of the signs. A good starting point would be either dropping completely South of Pleasant Park where you can have an advantage of seeing everything from the outside. Dropping at the bottom of the park will allow you to sneak up to enemies and take them out in order to complete the challenge. Since all stop sign locations are located in one area on the map, it will be hard to get all 10 Fortnite signs on one match. The challenge is made to be done through many matches.

Additionally, there is a harder version of the stop signs challenge to complete, which requires you to destroy 7 Fortnite stop signs in one match. The best place to do this at is, once again, at Pleasant Park using the catalyst outfit.

Locations of all Fortnite Stop Signs

Here are all the exact locations of every stop sign for the Fortnite challenge:

1). Stop signs are located at Pleasent Park on the new Season 10 map. Exact location: C-3
fortnite challenge for stop signs
Source: Epic Games
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all stop sign locations:

Fortnite Season 9 has ended and yesterday and fans just finished watching the Fortnite World Cup event over the weekend. Epic Games continues to impress their user base and be the industry leader in providing great content and updates for their game.


In season 9, players saw the Fortbyte challenge, the Battle star challenge, the 14 days of summer event, the Doggus and Cattus event, and the Fortnite birthday event. Fans had it pretty good last season, but so far with Season 10 it is looking to be an exciting one with the introduction of BRUTE and all the many weapons and vehicles vaulted. Since the new season just began, introducing the Road Trip mission, players will have a lot on their plate to complete the daily, weekly and monthly challenges. Good Luck to all and enjoy the Fortnite stop sign challenge!

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