All Fortnite Peppers, Coconuts and Bananas Locations

All Fortnite Pepper Coconut Banana Locations
All Fortnite Pepper Coconut Banana Locations

3 New Foraged items, Peppers, Coconuts and Bananas locations are spread across the Fortnite map, here is where to find them. 

All Fortnite Peppers, Coconuts and Bananas Locations

New foraged items have been introduced to Fortnite with update v8.20. Bananas, coconuts and peppers have their unique features to help with health regeneration. Just like Apples and Mushrooms, the three new items are located in different areas of the map.

Finding them can be challenging because of how they blend into their surrounding environments.  Bananas and Peppers have static locations, they never change, however coconuts can be trickier because their drop rate is not 100%. Basically, sometimes trees will drop them while other times they wont. Here are the locations and some tips on where to find the 3 new foraged items.

Fortnite Pepper Locations

Let’s start with the trickiest of the three, pepper locations. Peppers can only be found in the desert portion of the map. Each pepper adds 5HP to a player’s health. Once a pepper is consumed, a player will be granted advanced movement, slightly faster speed, for a total of 10 seconds. Smoke will blow out from the characters ears for 10 seconds as advanced movement is active. When smoke stops, speed is resumed to normal. Finally, all pepper locations are found in grassy areas making them hard to see. Here are the Fortnite Peppers locations:

Fortnite Peppers Areas
Search Grassy patches, sometimes hard to see
Fortnite Coconut Locations

Coconuts are the best of all 3 foraged items as they act as a 5HP slurp. They will regenerate 5HP to health first and will also regen shield if a player’s health is at 100HP. Coconuts have their pros and cons because they need to be knocked out of trees. Listen for falling coconuts as you pickaxe a tree. Some Coconut trees can be found in the desert and while most of them are located on the outer ridges of Lazy Lagoon. Something important to note is that there is no guarantee a coconut will fall from every coconut tree. Drop rate of the coconut item is not 100%. On the flip side, some trees are capable of dropping 2 coconuts. Here are the Fortnite Coconut locations:

Fortnite Coconut Areas
Fortnite Coconut Locations some areas in the desert but most around Lazy Lagoon
Fortnite Banana Locations

The most common of the new items, bananas can be found in the vast north east part of the Fortnite jungle. Easy to spot, bananas lie on the ground around trees. Just like apples, bananas grant 5HP to a player’s health. Here are the Fortnite Bananas locations:

Fortnite Banana Areas
Fortnite Banana Locations

For players who are into completing the weekly Fortnite challenges, expect to have challenges to find and use the new foraged items. Knowing exactly where to find them save a player valuable time when they need it most. Furthermore, in the trench of a battle, when HP is most important, these 3 new items can help immensely. Nice move by Epic adding them.

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