All Fortnite No Swimming Signs Locations

All Fortnite No Swimming Signs Locations
  • There are 2 Fortnite No Swimming Signs Locations in the FN map, and here is where to find them in the 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges.

All Fortnite No Swimming Signs Locations

Today’s challenges from Epic game consists of players needing to visit different locations and do an action. The other challenge that’s similar is the Rainbow Rentals dance locations where players need to find three locations to dance at. Epic Games released a bunch of challenges today which will keep players busy, and this particular challenge requires players to swim at areas on the map where you’re not allowed to swim.

The swing signs challenge is part of the 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges.

Where are the No Swimming Signs in Fortnite?

There are many locations on the Fortnite map where you can swim, however, not all locations have a “no swim sign”. There are two locations of the Fortnite No Swimming Signs locations. The challenge is rather easy as you just need to swim, and the challenge says, “Swim at Different No Swimming Signs“.  The  No Swim Signs can be found in specific locations around the FN map. There’s no advanced mode for this challenge and luckily for players, the two locations are close by on the map.

No Swimming Signs Items Locations

The No Swimming Signs challenge requires you to swim at locations on the map where you’re not allowed o swim, aka, the no swimming signs. There is no “hard” version and this challenge can be completed in one game, but you’ll need to complete the challenge in one sitting. Here are the no swim signs in Fortnite:

1. No Swimming Signs Location #1: North of Lazy Lake (Map Grid E-5)
2. Fortnite No Swimming Signs Location #2: Slurpy Swamp (Map Grid D-6)

Here is the map of the No Swimming Signs location on the Fortnite map:

Source: Epic Games
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all No Swimming Signs items Locations:

Epic Games Challenges

There are 6 new challenges today that Epic Games has released to Fortnite players. They consist of easy to medium challenges. Most of the challenges just have players going around the Fortnite map and doing some sort of action. In this particular challenge above, players need to “swim”. If you’ve completed this challenge you can move onto the other challenges.

Good luck with the swim signs challenge!

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