All Fortnite Joker Gas Canisters Locations Guide For Gotham City Challenges

All Fortnite Joker Gas Canisters Locations Guide For Gotham City Challenges
  • 3 Fortnite Joker gas canister locations are on the Fortnite battle royale map. You need to find 3 gas canisters to defuse in order to complete the Gotham City challenge. Here is where to find them in the game.

All Fortnite Joker Gas Canisters Locations

The highly anticipated Batman crossover event in Fortnite is finally here. today, Epic Games has rolled out two challenges that correspond to the Gotham City Challenges. The first challenge was to complete all the Fortnite bat signals and light up the sky with the Batman logo. You had to do this three times to beat the challenge. Nothing too hard right? Well, the other Gotham City challenge involves a nefarious individual who is out to create mayhem in the city of Gotham. That one individual is no other than Batman’s arch-nemesis, Joker. The new “Welcome to Gotham City Challenge” requires players to defuse 3 Fortnite joker bombs in the game.

There are 3 gas containers spread across the FN map, with two located more West on the map and one in the center.

Where are the Joker Gas Canisters in Fortnite?

The 3 joker gas canisters on the Fortnite map, and you need to find only 3 of them to defuse in order to complete the challenge. A good starting point would be to start at Salty Springs. You’ll find the first Joker gas bomb there to defuse. When you find the gas container, all you need to do is walk up to it and hold the command button to defuse it. Once you do that you can move up to the other two locations on the map to do the same thing and defuse the joker gas canisters. It’s a fairly easy challenge, however, you will still need to dodge players to do them. There is no prestige version for this challenge.

Locations of all Fortnite gas canisters

Here are all the exact locations of every joker canister for the Fortnite Welcome to Gotham City challenge:

1). Located at Pleasant Park (Map location C-3)
2). North of the map at Loot Lake (Map location E-4)
3). Center of the FN map at Salty Springs (Map location F-7)
where are the Joker Gas Canisters in Fortnite
Video of Locations of Fortnite Gas Canisters

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all joker gas canisters locations:



Before the Gotham City challenges were the Storm Racers challenges which required players to do time-sensitive challenges such as a time trial or find specific spots on the map to either dance or locate. If you have completed all the challenges, you can continue with the Secret Battle Star Banner missions. Good luck to all completing the all joker gas canisters in Fortnite challenge!

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