All Fortnite Helmet Locations

All Fortnite Helmet Locations

5 Fortnite Helmet locations are spread across the Fortnite map. You need to find 5 Singularity Helmet. Here is where to find them in the game to complete the challenge.

All Fortnite Helmet Locations

The 14 days of summer event has come to an end, however, there are still 5 days left to complete the challenges. Players who weren’t able to complete everything in the last two weeks have some time to finish the challenges. Additionally, there’s the Fortbyte Challenge which is still happening, and the recently completed Secret Battle Star And Banner challenge. Today’s challenge is the Fortnite Helmet challenge. It consists of finding 5 Singularity Helmets around the map.

There are 5 helmets spread evenly across the map, with most of the locations concentrated towards the center of the map, and two spread on the outside.

Where are the Helmets in Fortnite

There are 5 helmets spread across the Fortnite map. A good starting point would be either dropping completely at the top of the map (North) at Pressure Plant where one helmet is located. It’s likely that there will be fewer players dropping that far North as everyone will want to reach for the low-hanging fruit in the middle. Since the Fortnite helmets are somewhat spread out, you’ll need to work your way from one side of the map to the other which can prove to be challenging if you don’t have the right weapons.

Here’s the Fortnite map showing all locations:

Source: Epic Games
Here are the locations of all helmet locations:
  1. North at PRessure Plant (Map location H-3)
  2. Located exactly at Loot Lake (Map location H-4)
  3. Land at the North side of Neo Tilted (Map location D-5)
  4. Located between Shifty Shafts and Salty Springs (Map location E-6)
  5. South at Polar Peak (on top of the hill) (Map location C-7)
Video of Locations

Here is a look at all Fortnite helmet locations:

Since the 14 days of summer event is over, Epic Games will be adding new challenges unrelated to summer, as well as new emotes and skins in the store.


So far, Fortnite players have seen the We’ve seen many challenges over the course of 2 weeks, and Epic Games is giving you a chance to complete the following the next 5 days. If you did miss any of them, you can check our Fortnite Guides on how to complete them. Good Luck to all competing the Fortnite Singularity Helmets Challenge!

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