All Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes Locations

All Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes Locations
  • 3 Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes are located on the FN map and need to be destroyed using explosives. Here is where to find them in the TNTina Challenges.

All Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes Locations

This week’s challenges are out for Fortnite, and Epic Games continued the TNTina Trial challenges. Last week’s Fortnite challenge consisted of destroying certain structures in-game with propane tanks and catching air with a motorboat. This week in the Fortnite challenges, players need to visit new locations on the map such as Grumpy Greens and Mowdown/Risky Reels. In this particular challenge, players need to locate a Fortnite dropbox and destroy them. Specifically, they are Ghost dropboxes and you need to use explosives to blow up the mailboxes.

The Ghost Dropboxes challenge is part of the TNTina Trial Challenges.

Where are the Ghost Dropboxes Houses in Fortnite?

The ghost Dropboxes are not too hard ti find on the Fortnite map, but you’ll need to also find explosives to destroy the dropboxes. This is typically a two-part challenge: 1). Find the dropboxes, 2). Destroy them using explosives. There are 3 locations for the Fortnite ghost Dropboxes around the map and they are located close together. The challenge specifically states: “Destroy GHOST Dropboxes Using Explosives“. There are other locations for the Fortnite Ghost mailboxes, but below you’ll find the best route in destroying them all.

Ghost Dropboxes Locations

There is only one version of this challenge that can be completed in one match. Here are the Ghost Dropboxes in Fortnite:

where are the Ghost Dropboxes Locations
Ghost Dropboxes Locations to Destroy with Explosion:
#1: Holly Hedges – Land near the golden car and find the Fortnite Dropbox outside (B-5 on the map grid).
#2: Pleasant Park – The Fortnite dropboxes are located near the bus stop (D-3).
#3: Pleasant Park – The Dropbox in Fortnite is near the police car (D-2).

Here is the map of the Ghost Dropboxes location on the Fortnite map:

Video of Locations

Youtuber HarryNinetyFour includes a specific flyby video of all Fortnite Ghost Dropboxes Locations and how to complete this challenge:

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