All Fortnite Foraged Items Locations in Chapter 2

All Fortnite Foraged Items Locations in Chapter 2
  • 10 Foraged Items Locations are found across the new battle royale map in Fortnite Chapter 2. To complete this challenge, you need to consume 10 foraged items. Here is where to find them on the FN map.

All Fortnite Foraged Items Locations in Chapter 2

News in the world of Fortnite has been quiet. Since Epic Games started to do fewer updates for Fortnite, there hasn’t been much that players can complain about. Technically there still are complaints, but it doesn’t have to do with any updates Epic Games did with a new patch. However, Epic does continue with updates in their Fortnite challenges.  This week they put out the “Hide and Seek” challenges, which we have seen similar in the past with foraged items. The challenge today is to consume foraged items across the Fortnite map. 

The new “Hide and Seek” challenge doesn’t have any other challenges with it as we have seen in the past few weeks. The foraged items challenge is about finding 10 Fortnite apples to consume.

Where are the Foraged Items in Fortnite?

For the “consume foraged items” challenge, players need to consume 10 foraged items to complete the challenge. It’s not a hard challenge, so players won’t have to spend many hours trying to complete it, however, it still depends on how many players in the game are trying to complete the same challenge. At the Fortnite menu, the task clearly states, “Consume Foraged Items” and that it’s part of the Hide and Seek challenge. The Foraged Items are placed all over the FN map, however, there’s one place where you can consume all foraged items.

Where are the all Fortnite foraged items?

#1 Location: In between Craggy Cliffs and Frenzy Farm (F-3 on the FN Map Grid)
Where are the Foraged Items in Fortnite
source: Epic

Specifically, the foraged items are at the Apple Orchard where there are loads of apples in it. You can head over there and eat 10 apples to complete the challenge.

Here is a video of All Fortnite Foraged Items Locations spots:

Other Fortnite Challenges

There hasn’t been an array of different challenges that Fortnite players haven’t seen yet. The only interesting challenge we’ve seen in the past month was the motorboat challenge where you had to go on Lazy Lake and complete a circuit by going through fire circles with your boat. Other than that the challenges have been sub-par, and players have been questioning Epic Games in the official Fortnite Reddit page. Season X has some of the worst challenges, but at the moment, Fortnite Chapter 2 is on pace to set a new record. Will Epic Games come up with more exciting challenges? With Christmas on the way, perhaps they are preparing themselves for some unique challenges surrounding the holiday season.

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