Ali-A glitches to storm island & Fortnite at The Game Awards

fortnite storm island

Ali-A found an incredibly Fortnite map glitch, getting to the storm in Season 7. Find out what he did.

Ali-A Glitches his way to storm island via replay mode

Ali-A manages to get a peek at the storm island in the replay mode of the game.

Initially, Ali starts to build from flush factory towards the storm located away from the spawn island.

Later on in replay mode, via some weird glitch in the game, Ali-A’s character floats away from the map, towards the storm in a seemingly rapid pace.

He later pauses the replay and zooms in to show the storm island and the icebergs floating around.


As mentioned in our previous Season 7 Icerberg article, Ali-A also spots a castle head on the peak of the iceberg (can be seen at 12:30 on the video timeline).  He also points out that if the match was at “night” instead of day time, we could see lights turned on within the castle.

At the end of the video, Ali-A says that he thinks that the storm is headed towards flush factory and might take out flush factory.  He wishes  the developers expand the map, rather than destroy parts of it.

What are your thoughts? Do you think for a 100 player game the map is already too big?o

Or do you think an extra town wouldn’t hurt the overall gameplay? Either way, a snow themed updated is coming soon and hopefully it might be an in-game live event.

Fortnite to make major announcements at “The Game Awards”

The Game awards scheduled for the 5th of December is set to feature upcoming titles and other game related updates. In this recent report, it has been stated that Epic games has confirmed a major announcement during this event.

Fortnite has been nominated for a lot of awards in which the “best ongoing game” and the “best multiplayer game” are the ones to look out for.

Fortnite has already been making the news by winning awards at other events. They are surely contesting for the ultimate multiplayer title in the scene right now.

But what news is Epic games set release?

Are we expecting a free save the world edition? A series of new tournaments? Another in-game Live event maybe?

We surely will find out once The Game Awards get going, be sure to follow the broadcast and watch out for Fortnite!




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