Alfonso Rebeiro Sues Fortnite for “Fresh” Emote

Alfonso Ribeiro sues Epic Games for stealing what he claims to be his intellectual property from the famous sitcom ” The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

Epic is already in hot water a few weeks back, when famous rapper 2 Milly had filed case against the game makers for copying his famous dance move and using it under the name “Swipe it” . Now Alfonso Rebeiro (known for portraying the famous character “Carlton”) has also joined the bandwagon and is suing Epic for stealing “intellectual property”, reports TMZ.

The “Fresh Emote” released on Jan 2nd of this year is notably an exact replica of the famous Carlton dance in the sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Alfonso claims that Epic never asked for permission to use his dance in their game. He certainly does not appreciate the fact that Epic is making profits out of this dance more and is looking to grill them with a lawsuit.

Why is everyone filing lawsuits?

In game app purchases allow you to buy outfits, dance moves and other cosmetics.

Epic has everyone spending vbucks, by creating a party environment for players with emotes and dance moves. 

Emotes and dance moves are available in the game item store with different rates depending on the emote .

Some of these dances are the exact replicas of famous dance routines. Celebrities have started to notice the amount of money an emote costs in the Fortnite shop.

With millions being funded through the item Store everyday, the whole concept of “Royalty” comes into play here.

Fresh Emote

We can say, the Fresh Emote used by Carlton, is the exact replica of the dance. The question is does Rebeiro act as a sole entity to the dance or will the production company have the last say. Let’s see how this plays out.

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