72hrs Hints At Quitting Fortnite After World Cup Event

A fed up Tom “72hrs” Mulligan explains how it might be time to move his content over to other games after the World Cup.

Anyone who follows competitive Fortnite knows that Liquid’s 72hrs is not one to shy away from saying exactly how he feels. You can’t spend 30 seconds on your Twitter feed without seeing the words “revert” or “native sucks”. Many Fortnite pros were already questioning Fortnite’s current state regarding the World Cup but when Epic pulled stretch resolution from the game, it ignited a fire.

72hrs moving on from fortnite
Will the Fornite World Cup be 72hrs last event?
“If I don’t qualify I don’t have to play anymore”

72hrs is one of many players affected by the removal of stretch res. It’s a complete 360 having to switch to Native just weeks before World cup qualifying was set to begin. It’s very clear that he is not enjoying the state of the game as it’s also affecting his performance. His duo practicing, with teammate Liquid Vivid, is not going well at all on Native. In fact 72hrs has made it clear, if things don’t change, he is done after the World Cup.

He was asked if his organization is who is forcing him to play. He makes its clear that he will make a final push for the World Cup, then decide if its time to move on:

“Clown Fiesta”

Many streamers talk about change but in reality it’s much easier said then done. However, providing fresh, interesting content is what helps a content creator grow. As 72hrs explains, if he is not enjoying the game, its hard to provide good content or stream long hours. 72hrs re-confirms that he will play for the World Cup “Clown Fiesta” for 10 weeks and after that can move on and not play it anymore.

 72hrs has been streaming Fortnite since December 2017. Prior to Fortnite his main Twitch content was Dead by Daylight.

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