100 Thieves Signs Arkhram For The Fortnite World Cup Finals

100 Thieves Signs Arkhram For The Fortnite World Cup Finals

100 Thieves made a good signing with Arkhram. He is one of the few NA West players to double qualify. Let us check out the details below.

100 Thieves Signs Arkhram For The Fortnite World Cup Finals

The Fortnite World Cup Finals is coming close. This massive tournament is going to be the pinnacle of esports competitions for this year. There is a 30 million prize pool which is the largest prize pool for one esports event. Perhaps, the most anxious ones are not the pro players, but the organizations behind them as teams are eyeing the prize pool. Therefore, we are seeing a lot of signings in the last 2 months. The player and team who win the First Fortnite World Cup ever will be written in the history books forever, and of course, have bragging rights. Yesterday we have seen the signing of Mongraal to the FaZe Clan to fill in the gap left from “tfue”. However today we are seeing someone that can match him.

Arkhram just signed with 100 Thieves. Arkhram may not be the biggest name out there but he is certainly capable of doing damage. He is a double qualifier just like Mongraal, meaning he is a very good player. He is only 15 years old and this is a very good signing for 100 Thieves as their Fortnite esports roster just got stronger. We expect good things from this partnership.

100 Thieves announced the news from their twitter page:

Also, Arkhram announced the news from his personal Twitter account.

Let us check out Arkhram’s recent success over the course of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers.

Arkhram Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Stats
Source: Fortnite Esports Gamepedia

Arkhram qualified twice with his partner Duo’s Falconer. He was able to qualify for Solos one month ago. He is a good solo player, and qualifying twice for Duo’s that is very special. They will be one of the best teams who can win the Duos without a doubt. Arkhram already guaranteed $100,000 for the finals. We wish both 100 Thieves and Arkhram good luck in the upcoming Fortnite World Cup Finals.

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