What Do We Know About FIFA 20 So Far?

What Do We Know About FIFA 20 So Far Here Are All FIFA 20 Details
  • The release of FIFA 20 is nearing each day, and FIFA fans are so excited about the new features and modes that FIFA 20 will bring to us. But, what do we actually know about FIFA 20 so far? Here are all FIFA 20 details.

All FIFA 20 Details, Release Date, Cover Star and More

Like always, we know that FIFA 20 will be released on September 27th, 2019. Fans will have an opportunity to download FIFA 20 to their consoles or PCs. However, fans will have a chance to try the gameplay out a couple of weeks earlier. This year, EA will keep following their tradition and they will release the FIFA 20 Demo which will be available a couple of weeks before FIFA 20 release.

We don’t know the exact date of release, but in all previous years, EA released a demo exactly two weeks before the full game release. Therefore, we can expect the FIFA 20 Demo around September 12th or September 13th.

We still don’t know which teams will be available in Demo, but we presume we will be able to play with 10-12 best teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich and so on. Also, we don’t know if new modes that are coming out in FIFA 20 will be playable in the FIFA 20 Demo.

When it comes to cover stars, there are three of them for each edition of FIFA 20. On the cover of the Standard Edition, we will see Eden Hazard, whereas, on the cover of Champions Edition, there is going to be Virgil van Dijk. Finally, we know that on the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition, the legendary player and Real Madrid’s coach, Zinedine Zidan will find a place.

FIFA Streer Mode is back!

The biggest hype around FIFA 20 is actually built around its new mode called “Volta“, which is basically FIFA Street mode. Although developers worked on other aspects of the game and other modes as well, they put the main focus on this new mode. Although it’s about street football, EA representatives say it’s going to be much different and much better than their FIFA Street game from 2012.

According to their words, they listened to the community and feedback they received, and one of the biggest wishes was to have FIFA Street back. Hence, EA decided to fulfill the wishes of their loyal fans. The name of the new mode, “Volta” is actually a Portuguese word for “return”, referring to the return of FIFA Street, but not as an independent game, but as a mode in FIFA 20.

EA probably used the Portuguese word because street football is very popular in Brazil. According to the words of EA, there are many reasons to be hyped about this new mode. Let’s see what it brings to us.

Vast customization options

FIFA developers who worked on Volta mode mainly focused on offering a new experience to players. Whereas developers are bounded by football rules when it comes to regular 11 vs 11 matches, there are no so many rules when it comes to street football. Hence, players will be able to choose if they want to play 5v5,  4v4, or 3v3. They can choose if they want to play with goalkeepers or without them. Additionally, players can choose to play in classical futsal style, so the options are many.

But this is not the end of customization options. The number of players is just one of many segments of Volta that players can change. As we talk about street football, players on the pitch don’t have to wear official or any other kind of kits. They will be wearing everyday clothes, and players will be able to customize the clothes as well. You can change tattoos, shoes, shirts and many other things.

But, there is even more interesting stuff about Volta. Given that developers weren’t restricted this time by any kind of rules, they decided to provide players with the option to have both male and female players on the pitch playing together and against each other.

To make the whole thing reminding us of real street football, we can even choose the environment. Players can pick different courts from Amsterdam underpass to Japan rooftop, to UK park. There are many different environments that you can pick. Developers really tried to make Volta mode realistic and to give freedom to players to create their own circumstances.

Customized mode followed by realistic gameplay and story

Since EA introduced The Journey mode to FIFA, players have gotten a completely new experience playing this game. Maybe gameplay doesn’t change drastically, but EA tries everything to deliver the game that provides players with the best experience.

Accordingly, Volta will also feature a kind of story that is going to follow this mode. So, it’s not going to be just a smaller version of 11 v 11, but we will have so many new things. Also, EA representatives said they focused on gameplay as well. Apparently, the gameplay from 11 vs 11 cannot work really well in this mode. So, developers used the same engine, but they adjusted the gameplay to the circumstances. They made it smoother and easier to maneuver in a small space. As they said, they followed the Tango League where they learned about big differences between classical and street football.

New features in Pro Clubs and Virtual Pro

Another mode that is very important for FIFA community is Pro Clubs. EA knows how much is important to satisfy the needs of their customers, in this case, gamers. So, they worked on one of the most favorites parts of FIFA game, Pro Clubs.

When players want to create their Virtual Pro players, they want to have as much freedom as possible. There is nothing more annoying than being restricted by the game. Obviously, EA understands that, so they added even more freedom to this mode.

In FIFA 20, we know that players will have much more freedom while creating their player faces and bodies. Also, EA representatives announce some new features in this mode.

Neymar JR FIFA 20 Esports EA Sports
Source: EA

Furthermore, they worked on the gameplay aspect of Pro Clubs as well. Developers added 30 new traits in the game. However, this doesn’t mean only 30 new traits, but a countless number of new combinations of traits and specialties. Players will be bound only by their imagination when they make their Virtual Pros.

Also, we know that in FIFA 20, things such as weight and height will affect players’ abilities even more. It will affect their movement, pace, reactions and so on.

Moreover, the old positions (RM/LM, RF/LF, LWB/RWB) will be back to the game. This will add even more diversity to the game.

Important gameplay changes

No matter how much developers work on their game, FIFA fans will always complain about its broken gameplay. The nature of the game doesn’t allow a perfect balance between realism and entertainment. However, it doesn’t mean developers shouldn’t work on improvement.

In FIFA 19, casual, hardcore and pro players all addressed some serious issues with the gameplay. These issues mainly referred to AI defense, inhuman goalkeepers, and timed finishing.

So, to begin with, EA added composed finishing instead of timed finishing. As timed finishing made some crazy goals pretty easy, it was a broken feature. When everyone realized how broken it was, it was already late for changes. But, EA claims that composed finishing will change this problem.

Another huge problem that occurred and that became very obvious in FIFA 19 was AI defense. You basically could leave your defense to do the whole job for you while you were controlling some other players. This was very frustrating for players who had to deal with AI defense. So, in FIFA 20, we know there will be more 1v1 duels, and your defensive effort will be rewarded. Accordingly, there will be less chance to lose the ball immediately after you won it in 1v1 duel. Basically, EA wants to encourage players to engage in 1v1 duels more than it was the case. Developers also fixed goalkeepers and make them behave in a more human way.

They also made easy pass easier and harder passes harder. So, it will be harder to make 180 degrees passes, and easier to pass the ball to the nearby players.

Icon cards

EA found a great way to give a credit to legendary players a few years ago. They simply used their Ultimate Team mode and introduced Icon cards featuring players who used to be the best players in the world. Of course, the stats of those Icon cards are made according to the peak performance of players. Hence, these are the best cars you can get in the game alongside TOTY cards.

So far, we know that Didier Drogba, Zinedine Zidan, Andrea Pirlo, Ian Wright, and Ronald Koeman will be there in the game as Icon players. But, of course, we can expect a bunch of other players as well.


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