Top FIFA 19 Players Talked About How TOTY Changed Meta

Top FIFA 19 Players Talked About How TOTY Changed Meta Esports
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As all FIFA fans know, EA Sports chose the squad of the best eleven footballers in 2018, known as Team of the Year. EA Sports asked the best FIFA players to reflect on how TOTY affects Meta in the game and what it brings to competition.


A Team of the Year cards are the most powerful cards in the game and everyone would like to have them in their squad. Professional FIFA players are not the exception. Furthermore, they must have strong cards if they want to be part of the competition. Before Team of the Year got released, pro players mostly used Icon and Inform cards. But now, we see much more Team of the Year players in their roster.

What F2Tekkz, Msdossary, StefanoPina, and others think about the Team of the Year?

EA wanted to know what best players think about popular blue cards. They asked them how it changed the game and how it affected Meta.

Gorilla thinks that Team of the Year changed Meta quite a bit, considering now there are three very powerful options in the defensive line. He stressed out Ramos, Varane and Van Dijk to be great center-backs that you can use on your team. Also, according to Gorilla’s words, TOTY generally provides you with much more options. For example, players use Kante instead of Viera quite frequently. Plus, there are TOTY Mbappe, Ronaldo, Neymar, Modric, and Kevin De Bruyne.

Interestingly, Gorilla didn’t mention Messi and Marcelo. The truth is that we rarely can see these players on the highest level of competition.

Agge from North agrees with Gorilla, and he also claims that TOTY changed Meta a lot. He puts the accent on great stats of TOTY cards. As Agge says, those cards have always been overpowered, but this year it is even more evident. According to his words, last your you could use four to five TOTY cards, but this year you can make an almost whole team of these cards considering their great stats.

Marko from FUTWIZ says that Team of the Year cards is just level higher than Icons. He thinks that TOTY cards are currently the best cards you can get and that undoubtedly affects Meta.

The Two-time FUT Champions Cup Champion and the best Xbox FIFA 19 player in the world at the moment also spoke about this topic. F2Tekkz thinks that TOTY particularly improved crossing. He says he has much better jumper now and that gives him an opportunity to cross more often.

F2Tekkz FIFA 19 Esports FUT Champion TOTY
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Marcuzo45 actually has a different opinion. He thinks that TOTY didn’t change a Meta. He says that TOTY players are just faster and that’s all.

StefanoPinna from PSV agrees with F2Tekkz about crosses. He says that much more players can score headers than before.

Dani from Ajax thinks that TOTY cards made a game much easier. As he says, Team of the Year cards have incredible stats, which reduces work that needs to be done by FIFA players. But, Dani also says TOTY cards aren’t much different than regular cards because you still need to be a very good player to beat your opponent, even if you have a better team.

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