Saisanas Scores An Amazing Goal At E-League Australia

Saisanas Scores An Amazing Goal At E-League Australia

The E-League Australia is one of the few ongoing National League events with 10 teams competing for the title. In the last round of this competition, Melbourne City met Central Coast Mariners and MC player, Saisanas, scored an amazing goal after the free kick.

E-League Australia

Considering that Esports is getting more popular every day, the best football associations decided to create their own National E-leagues. Football Federation Australia is no exception as they formed E-League Australia as equivalent to Hyundai A-League. The E-League features 10 teams from already mentioned Australian Football League who compete for the title.

This competition has one Single Round Robin Group. So, there are nine rounds. Each round features four games (two games per console). A team who comes out with more wins from this best of four series takes three points. If there is no winner, both teams take one point. At the end, when everything comes to the conclusion, the best four teams proceed further to Final Series.

Melbourne City is in Finals

In the last round of the competition, Melbourne City met CCM to decide who is going to play Finals. The first leg didn’t go so well for MC as they lost it with an aggregate score 6-5. The twelfth best Xbox player in the world, Marcus Gomez, defeated Kyren with score 2-1. However, his teammate Saisanas lost 5-3 versus JesseD. Therefore, two guys from Melbourne City had to win the second leg in order to get to the Finals.

That’s exactly what they did. Saisanas this time won his game with a score of 2-1, and Marcus Gomez again beat Kyren 4-2. So, the final aggregate score was 11-9 in Melbourne City’s’ favor, which was sufficient for them to reach the Finals.

Saisanas Scored an Amazing Goal With Ronaldo

Considering how tight the final score was, the goal that Saisanas scored with Ronaldo had a big impact on the final outcome. Also, Saisanas scored an amazing goal after a free kick from a very uncommon angle. Namely, he got a free kick on the left side of the pitch so close to the goal line. It was basically a short corner kick. Accordingly, everyone expected from Saisanas to cross the ball.

However, he decided to try to score the goal from that position. De Gea, who was JesseD’s goalkeeper, indeed caught the ball but it turned out to be too late. As we could see later, the ball already crossed the line and Saisanas scored an amazing goal. Later, the commentator said that de Gea was defending just like in Champions League, making a joke about Manchester United losing the game against FC Barcelona.

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