Review on Shapeshifters Acuna

Review on Shapeshifters Acuna

The running Shapeshifters promo on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team has presented us with quite a few tasty cards. As expected, along with the promo came a player objective. The player featured in this objective is Shapeshifters Acuna.


List of Objectives

In order to obtain the player, you need to complete 5 separate objectives:

Shapeshifter Acuna
Source: EA
  • Eye for assists: Assist a goal with a through ball in 3 separate Division Rivals wins (Small Electrum Players pack)
  • World-class composure: Score a finesse goal using Argentinian players in 3 separate Squad Battles matches on minimum world-class difficulty (7-match loan card)
  • Driven to score: Score a low driven goal in 2 separate Rivals matches using Liga NOS (POR1) players (Two players pack)
  • Complete CM: Score in 10 separate Rivals wins using Argentinian players (Electrum Players pack)
  • Midfield maverick: Assist 2 goals using midfielders in 2 separate Squad Battles wins on minimum world-class difficulty (Gold Pack)

Completion of each of the objectives grants you additional 200XP. Considering all the objectives, it will require at least 10 Division Rivals and 3 Squad Battles matches for you to obtain the card. And that’s really a massive underestimation. That is well over 3 hours of gameplay presuming you win all of those 13 matches. Quite the tough grind for a single untradable card.

Shapeshifters Acuna Review

We all remember the FUTMAS Acuna card which was hailed as ‘Gullit Gang’. This card is no less. On paper, it looks like a solid box to box. His defensive stats are out of this world but so are his attacking figures. 4* skills and 3* weak foot works quite well for his preferred position. His high/high work rate suits him really well. In-game, he feels like a solid player overall. He does a pretty neat job at the back. The problem is he does not always retain the ball as you’d expect from a player of those defensive figures. He doesn’t feel like a rock that would halt every attack that’s thrown at you. When up ahead, he does a splendid job at distributing and holding the ball. His long shots stay true to the stats. But you can’t really expect him to notch in goals for you.

Is he worth it? There are quite a few factors that lead to the answer. If you can link Acuna, he can be a good addition to the squad. But the grind isn’t really worth it if you ask me. You’re better off getting swap tokens for a better icon. If you’re reading this EA, get us a better weekly objective!

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