Ranking The Best La Liga TOTSSF Cards

Ranking The Best La Liga TOTSSF Cards

Last week we saw what the Premier League had to offer FUT 20 players in the TOTSSF promo.  This week saw the unveiling of the La Liga TOTSSF lineup and with that, we present to you another ranking. So without further ado, let’s rank five of the best La Liga TOTSSF cards of this year’s FIFA.


5) Marc-Andre ter Stegen

There’s barely any doubt regarding who the best keeper was throughout the duration of FUT 20. The TOTSSF Stegen card is a massive +4 overall rating upgrade over the TOTY one. For traits, TOTSSF Stegen is equipped with Comes for crosses, Rushes out of goal, and Saves with feet traits. Is TOTSSF Stegen the best keeper in the game? BIG YES!

Notable stats: 96 diving, 93 handling, 94 kicking, 97 reflexes, 95 positionings.

4) Sergio Ramos

It’s no surprise that Sergio Ramos would make this list given the insane pace upgrade his TOTSSF card has received. His 3*3* combo is more than enough for a center-back. His Med/High work rates are quite concerning for the said position but the pace upgrade should make up for a lot of it. As for notable traits, TOTSSF Ramos comes with Power Header.

Notable stats: 93 acceleration, 99 heading accuracy, 99 jumping, 99 sliding tackle, 98 interceptions.

3) Frenkie De Jong

The Dutch midfield maestro receives yet another 94-rated card for his sensational performance this season. 4* skills and 3* weak foot should be good enough for a box to box midfielder. His High/Med work rates are satisfactory enough for his position. As for traits, De Jong has an Outside foot shot and Flair. Now the most important question: Gullit Gang? Definitely.

Notable stats: 99 composure, 98 ball control, 99 short passing, 94 interceptions.

2) Lionel Messi

We might get stick for keeping the GOAT at #2 on this list but truth is that there are heaps of wingers on this game. But Lionel Messi’s TOTSSF card gives each and every one of them a run for their money. 4*4* combo? TOTSSF Messi’s got it. Med/Low work rates seem to be a problem but honestly isn’t reflected much in the game. As for traits, Messi’s got quite a few including Chip shot, Outside foot shot, Finesse shot. Scoring bangers with this card in the squad shouldn’t be a problem for any player.

Notable stats: 99 acceleration, 99 finishing, 99 dribbling, 99 long shots, 99 composure.

1) Raphael Varane

Cue the drum roll for we’re about to present to you the best La Liga TOTSSF promo: TOTSSF Raphael Varane. There’s a scarcity of proper Center-backs in FIFA 20, it has always been like that. For that, it’s crucial we recognize the God of all FIFA 20 Center-backs. 2*3* combo works for players of this position. High/Med is just the perfect work-rate combo for this card. This card does not have any traits, however. If you see this card in the Weekend League, good luck scoring!

Notable traits: 98 standing tackle, 99 reactions, 99 composure, 99 strength, 99 defensive awareness.

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