Ranking The Best FUTMAS Cards This Year

Ranking The Best FUTMAS Cards This Year

FUTMAS came and went just like that. This year, the promo offered quite a few upgraded cards of players we craved for. Game Life ranks the Top 10 FIFA FUTMAS cards that the Christmas promo had to offer this year.

The list takes into consideration an array of factors such as: upgrade, affordability, links, requirements needed among others. This list will not feature a single FUTMAS player that has been made available through objectives.

Starting off with number 10 is Ante Rebic.

10) Ante Rebic

The first player we’re featuring is AC Milan’s Ante Rebic. The SBC required you to submit an 85-rated squad including an in-form card. This SBC was slightly expensive but there are a lot of good things associated with the card. To begin with, it is 4*4*. Also, Serie A doesn’t have to offer many usable striker cards. This card is linkable if you’re using a full Serie A team.

Notable stats: 88 acceleration, 96 sprint speed, 88 dribbling, 88 strength, 89 aggression.

9) Jeison Murillo

The second to be featured is another Serie A player who is Jeison Murillo. Not only strikers, but Serie A also lacks decent center-backs in-game. Relatively, the SBC is on the cheaper side as it required an 84-rated squad including an in-form. This card is only linkable if you’re using a full Serie A squad, otherwise quite hard to get full chemistry. Overall, Murillo is a highly defensive card with an okay-ish pace. An anchor or if you can afford one, a shadow chemstyle should solve that.

Notable stats: 93 jumping, 93 aggression, 87 sliding tackle, 86 standing tackle, 87 interceptions.

8) Kevin Malcuit

A card that definitely deserved an upgrade is Malcuit’s base gold card. The 84-rated card required one to submit an 86-rated squad including an in-form. The SBC is expensive but partly so because this card is highly sought-after and because of its linkability. The card is quite easy to link provided that you have Seria A and/or French players in your starting squad. Malcuit’s FUTMAS card is well-rounded with a high pace, just the type every FUT player needs their fullbacks to be.

Notable stats: 87 acceleration, 91 sprint speed, 86 crossing, 87 dribbling, 85 agility.

7) Kai Havertz

If you are/were running a Bundesliga starter squad, chances are you have used Kai Havertz. The SBC requires an 85-rated squad including an in-form, nothing unrealistic there. To begin with, the card is extremely well-rounded and a perfect CAM card. Like an ideal CAM, it indeed is 4*4*. If you have a Bundesliga card yet didn’t get this one, it’s quite a miss really.

Notable stats: 93 sprint speed, 90 short passing, 90 ball control, 87 positioning, 87 dribbling

6) Marcos Acuna

Unexpectedly an amazing card, Acuna’s FUTMAS card has turned quite a few heads. The SBC was on the cheaper side requiring an 83-rated squad including two in-form players. Many have claimed this card as a ‘Gullit Gang’ card and rightfully so. The card is extremely overpowered especially at this price point. It’s hard to link, however, unless you have icons in your main squad. In game, this card should serve as a proper center-mid.

Notable stats: 90 long shots, 93 curve, 95 stamina, 90 composure, 90 dribbling.

5) Douglas Costa

A head-turner for all you pace abusers out there, Douglas Costa’s FUTMAS card is one to watch out for. The SBC was quite expensive as it required an 86-rated squad including an in-form of course. It has amazing pace and dribbling stats but very underwhelming shooting figures. A deadeye is a must to make this card playable. It shouldn’t be hard to link as it’s a Brazilian card. The card boasts 5* skills like the regular card.

Notable stats: 96 acceleration, 93 sprint speed, 94 agility, 93 dribbling, 92 balance.

4) David De Gea

If you were on the lookout for a goalkeeper upgrade, De Gea’s FUTMAS card was definitely one to consider. Surprisingly, the SBC was quite cheap as it only required an 84-rated squad with no in-forms. It’s only a +1 upgrade over the base card. As it’s a Spanish card, linking it won’t be much of a problem.

Notable stats: 92 diving, 93 reflexes.

3) Davinson Sanchez

Premier League squad users were begging and crying for a decent Premier League center-back (that didn’t cost over 400k) and EA finally answered with FUTMAS Davinson Sanchez. It’s a decent upgrade over the base gold card. The SBC was moderately cheap as it needed an 84-rated squad with an in-form. The card still lacks the pace to keep up with the average striker on the game. But slapping on a shadow should solve that problem. As long as you’re running a Premier League squad, it shouldn’t be hard to link Sanchez.

Notable stats: 83 interceptions, 86 standing tackle, 88 sliding tackle, 86 strength, 90 aggression.

2) Moussa Sissoko

Probably that one SBC everybody waited for the most, Moussa Sissoko’s upgrade finally came into existence. His SBC was the most expensive as it needed two 86-rated squads to be submitted. You would get a prime mixed players and small rare gold players pack along with the card. There’s not much to say about this card. It’s a much-needed upgrade of a beast of a base card. A lethal center-mid that’s easy to link, FUTMAS Sissoko is definitely a game-change.

Notable stats: 88 sprint speed, 89 shot power, 87 short pass, 94 stamina, 93 strength.

1) Ferland Mendy

Probably the only end-game card of this promo, this FUTMAS Mendy is easily the best non-icon left-back of the entire game. As expected, the SBC was pretty expensive and cost a bit over 300k. It required an 84 including in-form and two 85-rateds with in-forms included. A massive +5 upgrade over the regular card, Mendy is also 4*5*. He’ll be easy to link thanks to his nationality and a great fit for any defense.

Notable stats: 94 acceleration, 91 sprint speed, 87 positioning, 87 reactions, 93 stamina.

It was definitely a merry Christmas for everyone who splashed the cash this FUTMAS season. Eagerly waiting for the next time EA offers us another round of player upgrades we’re yearning for.

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