Ranking The Best Premier League TOTSSF Cards

Ranking The Best Premier League TOTSSF Cards

To kick off the big leagues, EA Sports went big with the unveiling of the Premier League TOTSSF. FUT fans expected big money players from this promo and EA surely didn’t disappoint. Today we take a brief look at five of the best Premier League TOTSSF cards of this year’s FIFA.

5. Richarlison

While some might raise questions on whether Richarlison deserves to be in this promo, there’s no doubt that his card is a scary sight. It’s the deadly 4*5* combo that really sets the card apart from the rest of the wolfpack. Med/High work rates are just perfect for the Brazilian striker. When it comes to traits, it’s only equipped with the Flair trait. For now, this card is the best Brazilian non-icon striker of FUT 20.

Notable stats: 99 shot power, 97 sprint speed, 97 dribbling, 97 finishing, 97 finishing

4. Sergio Aguero

One of Premier League’s finest had no issue whatsoever in entering this list. Kun Aguero is the most expensive striker of the promo and a glance at his card shows why.  A 4*4* combo for this card is pretty decent. His Med/High work rates are pretty commendable too. He has Chip Shot and Leadership as traits but they don’t really have an impact on in-game performance. Overall, FUT players are expected to rob keepers with this card.

Notable stats: 99 positioning, 99 finishing, 99 balance, 99 composure, 99 ball control.

3. Sadio Mane

It was yet another adventurous season for Africa’s deadliest left-winger, Sadio Mane. Mane had already received plenty of cards before this and the TOTSSF card is just the cherry on the top. This card also features a 4*4* combo. Like the previous features on this list, this too features a Med/High work rate. Mane’s TOTSSF card also features the flair trait as a bonus. In short, this is easily one of the best Left-Wingers in the entire game.

Notable stats: 99 acceleration, 99 positioning, 99 finishing, 99 agility, 99 stamina.

2. Virgil Van Dijk

You know all hell breaks loose when the best defender in the world deservedly receives a 99-rated card. Almost the same as his TOTY card, Virgil’s TOTSSF card is an attacker’s worst nightmare. The TOTSSF card features a Med/Med work rate. Van Dijk’s notable traits are Power Header and Solid Player. The card is maximized in terms of overall defending and physical figures. Best non-icon defender in FUT? Best non-icon defender in FUT.

Notable stats: 99 strength, 99 reactions, 99 defensive awareness, 99 standing tackle, 99 reactions.

1. Kevin De Bruyne

The midfield maestro has not only received the best card in the Premier League but one of the most overpowered cards in FUT history. This card has 90 and above figures in literally all of the departments. A 4*5* combo just makes this card even sicker. The High/High work rates are just perfect as long as you’re playing him as a box to box midfielder. The injury-prone trait is probably the only downside of this card. If Gullit was ever on steroids, this is exactly how his card would look like.

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