POTM Bruno Fernandes Review

POTM Bruno Fernandes Review

Ever since his move to the Premier League, Bruno Fernandes has bolstered the attack of Manchester United. Due to his amazing form, he’s already received a few upgrades in the game. Today we look at the FIFA20 POTM Bruno Fernandes card.


The current cost of the SBC is a bit over 750k. The requirements are as follows:

– 85-rated squad including a Manchester United player (Premium Gold Jumbo Pack)
– 86-rated squad including a Premier League player (Prime Electrum Players Pack)
– One 86-rated and two more 87-rated squads (Prime Mixed Players, Small Rare Gold Players and Gold Players Premium Packs)

In-depth review

On paper, the card looks amazing. Shooting, passing, and dribbling are all in their 90s with pace almost missing out. This makes this card a very usable CAM. Even though the 83 finishing is comparatively poor, 95 long shots kinda make up for it. 90 curve and 96 shot power just adds fuel to the fire. 4* skills and 4* WF is the bare minimum at this point of the game and POTM Bruno Fernandes has that. The best chemstyle for him would undoubtedly be a Sniper to boost his finishing and agility.

This would just complete the card. This would max out quite a few of his stats such as dribbling. He has a few traits as well such as flair, outside foot shot and long shot taker. As a CAM, Bruno is a very good distributor of the ball so you can expect a lot of assists from him. He is an amazing free-kick taker as well. His dribbling is pretty decent but it’s passing that really stands out. High/High work rates isn’t the best for his preferred position but you can get along with it.

Here’s Marshall89HD with his review on the card:

Verdict- Worth or not?

NO. Paying over 750k for an untradable card at this point of the game is not feasible at all. You’re left with much better options than this POTM Bruno Fernandes. You can get UCL Live Heung Min Son for 100k less. Or even Shapeshifters Mahrez for a third of the price. Prime Maradona and Kaka are up for grabs as well from the ongoing Icon Swaps.

Even though lucrative, POTM Bruno Fernandes is a big no, no from us. To sum everything up, it’s really not worth doing a POTM SBC at this point of the game.

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