Nick28T Gives His Thoughts On Leeds Fair Play Act

Nick28T Gives His Thoughts On Leeds' Fair Play Act

Famous FIFA streamer Nick28T is also a passionate Leeds fan who watches every single one of their games. Accordingly, he saw what Leed did against Aston Villa in the last Championship Fixture. So, Nick28T gave his thoughts on Leed’s fair play act and on the game itself.

Leeds chooses fair play over promotion

Leeds United is a legendary British club who won the English league three times in their history. However, they are not doing well at the moment, so they are currently fighting for a place in the English Premier League. At the moment, they are the third team in the Championship.

Nevertheless, before the match versus Aston Villa, Leeds still had a decent chance to get to second place, which guarantees a spot in the Premier League without additional Play-off games. But, after drawing the game with Aston Villa, they basically lost any chance to secure a direct promotion.

Namely, Leeds scored a goal against Aston Villa in the 72nd minute after one Aston Villa’s player lied down as he got hit. In those situations, players usually send the ball off the pitch so the injured player can get help. Hence, all Aston Villa’s players stopped playing, but Leeds used an opportunity to score the goal. Of course, the whole squad of Aston Villa went mad. After a few minutes of the fight, Leeds decided to let Aston Villa score a goal.

It was really a Leeds’ fair play act although Leeds defender, Pontus Jansson didn’t want to let Aston Villa score just like that. He tried to stop them but failed. As his viewers asked him about the last match, Nick28T gave his thoughts on Leeds’ fair play act.

“Anyone who criticizes Pontus has never competed in his life”

Nick28T said that anyone who is a passionate Leeds fan will defend the way they scored a goal. According to his words, that’s what any passionate fan would do if his team was in Leeds’ shoes. Also, he added that anyone who thinks that Pontus did a wrong thing has never competed in his life. Nick called these people “armchair fans who think they are above everything.”

However, the famous FIFA streamer also stated that he completely understands the reason behind Leeds’ fair play act and he is proud of their coach and players. In addition to that, he thinks that you cannot blame Leeds’ coach for a class he showed. Nick28T thinks that their coach did a great job as Leeds played much better this season.

As a passionate Leeds fan, he is going to support Leeds in next season regardless of which competition they will take part in.

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