Msdossary is the Gfinity FUT 19 Champions Cup Champ

Msdossary is the Gfinity FUT 19 Champions Cup Champ Fifa 19 Esports
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Msdossary is the Gfinity FUT 19 Champions Cup champion, beating out the competition and winning in style for his organization; Rogue Esports.

Msdossary is the Gfinity FUT 19 Champions Cup Champ

The Gfinity FUT 19 Champions Cup finished and we got a new champion. F2Tekkz was very close to winning back-to-back Champions Cups, but he failed in the Xbox final. To be more precise, Rogue Msdossary defeated him and advanced to Grand Final. Defending eWorld Champion didn’t do so well in last two tournaments, but no one was so naive to write him off. Regardless of his late failures, he came to London as one of the favorites. Msdossary had to face the toughest possible opponent in the Xbox final, domestic player and Xbox number one, Donovan “F2Tekkz” Hunt. Then he confronted another great opponent in the Grand cross-platform final, Nicolas99FC. He managed to overcome both obstacles and clinches the trophy. Let’s check out the most important results in the last three days.

PlayStation 4 division: 9z Yago almost reached final, Joksan dropped out in Quarters

We saw one big surprise in the first round. North Agge was eliminated by Eisvogel. He lost 6-3 and as he won 4th place in the group, he didn’t have a chance to play another match, so his path ended. Eisvogel didn’t have so much success, considering he lost immediately in following round. Winners of groups joined Knock-Out Stage in the second round. According to the rules and format of the tournament, they didn’t play an opening round. Three out four winners lost their matches, which is amazing. DrErhano lost to StefanoPina 4-2; Grand finalist, Nicolas99FC lost to MaestroSquad 6-5, and 9z Yago was defeated by Joksan 4-3, which was expected. LordHjorth, winner of Group C defeated MoAuba 4-2.

However, all group winners had a chance to get back in the tournament, thanks to Gfinty FUT Champions Cup format. Two winners of the groups won in the Elimination match. DrErhano lost his duel versus NYC_Chris, who beat him 5-3. Nicolas99FC beat Dufty80 8-5, and Yago won in a close match against SPQR TORE 4-3. Also, one of the favorites, MoAuba, secured his place in Quarters after defeating M10ustun 6-3. So, we got Quarter-final pairs, and there wasn’t a second chance anymore if you fail. StefanoPina easily knocked NYC_chris out, by beating him 6-3. Nicolas got his revenge against MaestroSquad in a great manner. He crushed French player 8-2. MoAuba also got his revenge against LordHjorth. He beat him 7-3.

It seems like players who already faced each other just have to play once more in the tournament as Joksan again confronted 9z Yago. Joksan already beat him, and everyone expected the same result in Quarters. However, it looks like players who lost their first games have more chances to win in the second one, considering that 9z Yago humiliated Joksan 8-3. PS4 number one complained about the tournament format on his Twitter account. Surely, we can all agree there is no logical explanation behind some particular format features.

MoAuba was so close to Grand Final, but FIFA 19 doesn’t like him

In first Semi-final, Nicolas99FC defeated StefanoPina 2-1 and secured at least second place in PS4 division. In another semi-final, MoAuba knocked 9z Yago out and ended his fairytale. This was a great event for Yago regard to his ranking. We saw a very tight PS4 final. Players were really fighting for a PS4 title and 1500 Global Series points. However, we could say that the final was decided by one tiny detail in the second game. The result was equal, and MoAuba had chance one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Nicolas’ goalkeeper went out of the box in order to stop MoAuba’s attack, and he saved a goal by hand. The referee gave free-kick to MoAuba but didn’t show the red card to GK. In real life, that is for sure what referee would do.

If Nicolas’ goalkeeper was sent off, MoAuba would have a big advantage. However, the game ended with final result 6-5 in Nicolas favor, so he booked his meeting with XBox Gfinity FUT Champions Cup champion.

Three out four group winners in Semi-finals in Xbox division

Unlike on PS4 side of the tournament, in XBox section, we didn’t see so many upsets. Most of the favorites reached the late phase of the tournaments. Only group winner who lost his first match was PSG DaXe who was defeated by NRaseck 7 4-3. Afterward, he managed to prevail in an Elimination match against Bundled Stokes 3-2. In the end, PSG DaXe reached Semi-final and faced F2Tekkz who won his two matches versus S04 Tim Latka (5-2) and M10 Resende (3-1). In Semi-final, the domestic player was just stronger than DaXe (4-0) and he reached XBox final. F2Tekkz was just one step away of his third consecutive XBox title and two steps away of second consecutive FUT Champions Cup title.

On another side of the bracket, Rogue Msdossary defeated Xx Brenner7 xX twice. First, he won convincingly 4-0, but then Brenner7 improved his game and showed better performance. However, Msdossary beat him again; this time, the result was 4-3. It was expected to see Semi-final between Msdossary and MegaBit, but MegaBit lost his match to TheRoyal 5-4. Msdossary won his second game with the same result – 4-3 and booked a meeting with the best ranked XBox player. XBox final was tight, but Msdossary prevailed and won his third consecutive game with identical score – 4-3. F2Tekkz was disappointed with his performance, but he congratulated his opponent kindly. We got names of Grand finalists

Msdossary is ultimate champion of Gfinity FUT 19 Champions Cup champion

Stats said that Nicolas was favorite in final, but a player from Saudi Arabia didn’t agree with that. Furthermore, he crushed Argentian player, so we saw something similar as last FUT Champions Cup final when F2Tekkz defeated Joksan 7-1. This time, the score was less embarrassing for loser as Msdossary won 8-3. Therefore, Msdossary became Gfinty FUT Champions Cup ultimate champion. He is richer for $40.000 now, and 1.500 Global Series points will be added to his ranking.  Anyway, it is not going to be sufficient to overtake the first place from F2Tekkz, but it will place him very high on the list.

Msdossary Beats F2Tekkz Gfinity FUT 19 Champions Cup champion Esports
Image source: Gfinity

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