LaLiga Squad for 50,000 Coins [FIFA 19 Guide]

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Game Life has another Fifa 19 guide on how to get a LaLiga squad for 50,000 coins in the game. It can be a challenge to build and put together a decent team but you’d be surprised what you can do with just 50k coins. 

LaLiga squad for 50,000 coins FIFA 19

You sold everything you had and got 50,000 coins, but you don’t know what to do with it. Well, there are different ways of spending 50k in FIFA 19 Ultimate team. For example, you can waste all the money on packs, but it is not something clever to do. Instead, you can observe our strong LaLiga squad and try to make something similar and equally good.

GK: Neto (84) – Valencia

LaLiga doesn’t have so many decent goalkeepers for less than 5,000 coins. Actually, there are only four good enough goalkeepers for that money. Alongside Neto, we could pick Cillessen, Sergio Asenjo and Bounou, but choice fell on Valencia goalkeeper. Simply, he is far more experienced than others and has a whole package of GK skills.

RB: Juanfran (81) – Atletico Madrid

Equally good variant is Nelson Semedo from Barca, but there is a particular reason why Juanfran has been chosen. Semedo is far more aggressive and agile but lacks defensive skills, and you will see later that this team has an attacking style. Therefore, this squad requires some good defenders to make a balance. Juanfran will stop almost every attack on the right side and that’s what you need.

CB: José María Giménez (84) – Atletico Madrid

When it came to CB, we had to spend a little bit more money. Again, 5,000 is a really small amount of money, and you can’t get high-quality center-backs for that money. But, if you are willing to spend just a little bit more, players like Giménez will become affordable. Gimenez is a great defender in LaLiga Squad, but he is not really a dribbler or playmaker. Moreover, his dribbling and passing skills are pretty bad in FIFA 19. That’s why we chose Marc Bartra to be his partner in the back.

CB: Marc Bartra (82) – Real Betis

Former Barca and Dortmund center-back wasn’t so lucky recently. His career is apparently in decline, but he is still one of the best center-backs in LaLiga. As mentioned, Gimenez lacks dribbling and passing skills, and Bartra is there for him to exploit the ball to playmakers. Marc has decent defensive skills and has better heading than Gimenez. Also, he is faster than Gimenez and is better with the ball. So, they are very compatible, and that is very important for a pair of CB.

LB: Lucas Hernández (82) – Atletico Madrid

It’s really hard to find good Left-back in LaLiga. Lucas Hernández was basically the only choice. However, you can count on him as he is a phenomenal defensive player. He will lock left side of the pitch, and you will rarely have problems there.

CDM: Francis Coquelin (79) – Valencia

We will use a 4-3-3 formation with one CDM. Therefore, that CDM has to be monster, but unfortunately, you can’t get much for 5.000 coins. Anyway, Coquelin is the player you need. He is extremely aggressive and is able to tackle very well. Francis is there to steal balls for you and obstruct opponent’s attacks. He has to stay back all time because you need someone to fix your mistakes in midfield.

CM: Santi Cazorla (80) – Villareal

Santi Cazorla was out of the football for a while. He wasn’t sure whether he would continue career or not. All in all, he is back in the game now and plays good football. Cazorla is not the fastest player, and he is not going to pass all opponents’ players, but he is there to feed your attackers with sneaky balls. Don’t make a common error and give Cazorla movement freedom. His stamina is very bad, and you will just accelerate the process of exhaustion.

CM: Denis Suárez (80) – Barcelona

Denis Suarez is there to run for Cazorla. His task is to take a ball from teammates and send it to former Arsenal player. If you want to give movement freedom to anyone, that should be Suarez.

RW: Ousmane Dembele (82) – Barcelona

There is no need to speak about Dembele’s possibilities and qualities for the LaLiga Squad. He is one of the most talented young players. Just pass the ball to him and he will embarrass opponent’s defenders. His dribbling skills are unbelievable, as well as his pace. So, don’t change instructions for him. Let all commands to be the default. Sometimes you would like him to get in behind, and sometimes you would like him to come short.

LW: Gonçalo Guedes (83) – Valencia

Gonçalo is basically the only option for this position for the LaLiga Squad. However, he is a great player. His shooting abilities are fantastic, so you should use them as much as possible. Also, it is recommended to set instructions on “Get in Behind” for him, because of his speed.

ST: Diego Costa (85) – Atletico Madrid

We’ve decided to really break a limit when we bought a striker. The reason is quite simple. You will have so many chances in this formation so you need the best possible striker. For sure, Diego Costa is one of the best strikers in the whole world. Therefore, he will score a bunch of goals for your team.

Formation – 4-3-3; Price: 41,600 coins; Rating: 82; Chemistry: 100

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Image credit: EA Sports/Fifa

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