Is a Prime Icon Pack Worth it? [FIFA20]

Is a Prime Icon Pack Worth it in FIFA20

The dawn of a new season on FIFA Ultimate Team means it’s yet another round of endless grinding for Icon Swaps. The icons you can obtain in this round are better than ever for obvious reasons, and is a solid reason to keep playing the game. The standout factor of this round of swaps is that you can get a prime icon pack for 9 tokens. Today we delve deep into whether it’s worth or not to get a prime icon pack for 9 swap tokens.

FIFA20 Ultimate Team Pack
Image source: EA


What are the options for 9 tokens?

If you can successfully obtain 9 swap tokens, you can either get one of the following: Moments Michael Laudrup, Moments Carles Puyol or a prime icon pack. Moments Laudrup is an insane value for the number of tokens needed. He’s a brilliant meta CAM that can fit any squad. Moments Puyol isn’t anywhere near the best Icon center-backs have to offer but is a decent choice. If you are to pick one of the two, the choice should undoubtedly be Laudrup.

What are the chances of picking a decent prime icon?

Let us consider the current market price of Laudrup as the base of whether an obtained prime icon would be better or not. The present market price of Moments Laudrup is around 850k coins. So it’ll be a win if you can pack something of greater market value from the prime icon pack. Of the 90 prime icons available in the game, only 29 of them have a greater value than 850k. So mathematically, you have less than a third of a chance to pack something better. You even have a slight chance to pack a prime icon that you may already have. And God forbid if that one is untradable as well!

Final verdict

For 9 tokens, your best shot is Moments Laudrup. There’s literally no need to gamble and get such a pack as there’s a massive chance you’ll end up regretting picking something that’s not usable. You can get middle Maldini for the rest 13 tokens. But yes, there is only one exception. If you feel like you’re at the end of your FIFA 20 run and such an outcome wouldn’t really affect you, you can go for the prime icon pack just for the fun of it.

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