Huge Gorilla Reveals His FIFA 19 Custom Settings

Esports Huge Gorilla Reveals FIFA 19 Custom Settings Controller Pro Gaming FaZe

Millions of people play FIFA 19, and they all want to become as good as the professional FIFA esports players. Fortunately, one of the best FIFA 19 players, Huge Gorilla, revealed his custom settings during a live stream. This may significantly help anyone who dreams about taking part in some of the main FIFA 19 events.

Who is Huge Gorilla?

Spencer Ealing, known as Huge Gorilla in FIFA World, is surely one of the best and most popular FIFA Xbox players. Also, many people follow him on Twitch and YouTube as well. He can definitely brag about his accomplishments in 2018. Huge Gorilla reached a late stage of FUT Champions Cup in both Barcelona and Manchester. However, it seems he enjoys the weather in Spain more, even though Huge Gorilla comes from the United Kingdom.

A Huge Gorilla also performed pretty well in the Gfinity Elite Series, as he reached the finals there. However, most fans recognize him for reaching the finals at FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Grand Final in Berlin and winning FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017. Therefore, you can form an image of how strong a player Gorilla is. He is currently playing for FaZe Clan on Xbox at the moment. It seems he didn’t feel comfortable in his former team United.

Esports Huge Gorilla Spencer Ealing Reveals FIFA 19 Custom Settings Controller Pro Gaming FaZe
Image source: DW Esports
Huge Gorilla just loves 4-1-2-1-2

It’s a commonly known fact that every player has its own favorite formation. However, they all flexible and change their formation and style from time to time. Sometimes, they do that because of their opponents or because of something else. But Gorilla just loves 4-1-2-1-2. He rarely steps away from this formation, and it really gives him good results. So let’s check out what custom settings he is using through the Twitch clip.

He set his Defensive style on Pressure on heavy for attacking mentality, which is a very common set-up for this mentality. When it comes to width both in defense and offense, as well as depth, Huge Gorilla sets his configuration very close to default(width – 5, depth – 6). He also doesn’t want to have so many footballers in opponent’s box (four), as it could become crowded.

Player instructions

This is perhaps the most interesting part in making tactics. Old FIFA players definitely feel nostalgic about the old system when we could set players’ movement direction, which was pretty cool. However, it is still an interesting part of FIFA. Gorilla ordered his attackers to Stay Forward and to Get In Behind. His CAM should also Stay Forward and Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross as well. Gorilla’s CDM, Patrick Vieira in this case, has to Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center.

As this is very narrow formation, Gorilla set instructions for CMs to Cover Wing and to give a little bit of width to the team. In the end, Gorilla wants all his defensive players to Stay Back While Attacking. So, if you want to play like Gorilla and win FIFA Interactive World Cup one day, you should try this set-up.

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