How To Start Out With The FUT 20 WebApp

How To Start Out With The FUT 20 WebApp
  • EA has launched the FUT 20 WebApp. Here is the FUT 20 WebApp guide to help you have the best possible start to your FUT 20 career.

What is the FUT WebApp?

The FUT WebApp is an app you can use on your mobile, tablet, and desktop in order to fiddle around with your Ultimate Team whenever you’re away from your console or PC. FUT players can use the app to edit their team, do SBCs, buy packs, use the transfer market, and much more. In short, the WebApp is a handy tool for FUT players of all classes.

The hype for the release of the app mostly centers around what’s inside the packs for returning players. If you have played FUT 19, you’ll get a few packs once you make a comeback to FUT 20. This pack contains players that will help you to start off building your team for this year’s Ultimate Team. But that’s not the focal point for today. Today we talk about how you can make the most of the WebApp release for your FUT 20 journey.

WebApp Do’s and Don’ts

1. Open your packs:
An obvious one for the more experienced FUT players out there. The first thing you’re supposed to do once WebApp is released is you check out what packs you got and open them quickly. Now, what packs you get totally depends on the number of days you’ve logged into your FUT 19. The more days you’ve logged in, the better the packs.

2. Stop building your team:
I cannot stress this enough. Even the experienced FUT players make this rookie mistake. Stop wasting time behind building your team. You’re days away from playing the full game. Even if you have EA Access now, 99% of the time you’ll be playing a trash team. So wasting your time behind ‘perfecting’ your starter team because it makes no sense.

3. Objectives & SBCs:
The initial objectives and SBCs are great ways to make a few coins. They’re usually very easy to do with minimal requirements and offer great packs in return. Try to do them all with the players you have in the club as early as you can.

4. Stop selling away everything:
The equation is simple: If there’s a demand for it then the price will definitely be high. Don’t just quick sell everything. As a rule of thumb, check it’s price on the market. Even an extra 100 coins makes all the difference early game. If you’ve by any chance packed say an 85+ rated player, hold onto it till the 23rd. Since that is right before there’s a surge of players start the game as the 3-day early access comes into play.

5. Player investing:
This is one avenue that’s very tricky. You’ve made a few thousand coins and now you might wanna think of investing in certain players. Players with a high pace and/or 4*/5* skill moves are more in demand than ever, especially fullbacks and forwards. Undoubtedly, you can expect a guaranteed return in coins if you can pick up a few.

Another suggestion I personally have for everyone is to not let your coins stay stale all the time. Stagnant money will not make you more money. Be on the lookout for investment opportunities constantly. If you have EA access, spend those extra 10 hours playing as many games as you can. The rest you can do on the WebApp anyways and that will not affect those limited 10 hours.

The key to making good progress early on at Ultimate Team is endless grinding on the WebApp and making the best use of resources. There’s really not a single alternative to that. With that being said, we wish you the best for your FUT journey and may your pack luck be as golden as ever.

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