How To Build A Good Online FUT Draft

How To Build A Good Online FUT Draft

With everyone staying home in quarantine, many of us gamers are resorting to FIFA to pass our lonely days. Ultimate Team can be quite stressful at times and it’s relieving to try out some of the other modes from time to time. With an abundance of meta cards available in the game, FUT Draft is one of the best possible options to pass some quality time on FIFA.

In order to play a FUT Draft, you need to redeem a token. You can get such tokens in packs at times or you can also buy one with 15k coins or 300 FIFA points.

The Basics

The goal of a draft is to create the highest-rated squad possible. The way to do that is pretty simple. For each spot on your 23-man squad, you get to choose a single player from five random picks. You start off by picking an ideal formation for the draft squad. This is the formation you’re gonna have to play for your four draft matches. After you’re done with that, select the captain for your draft squad. Then one by one you pick your desired player for each position on the squad.

In the end, you will have to choose a manager for your final squad. Once that is done, you’ll receive a squad rating. This squad rating is the combination of your team rating and team chemistry. You’ll also get a summary of your squad like which league and nationality your squad mostly consists of.  After that, you’ll be paired up against other FUT draft opponents. You’ll play a maximum of four opponents granted you win every consecutive match. The more matches you win, the better the rewards you’ll be getting. That is pretty much FUT Draft summed up.

Tips and tricks to Build FUT Draft in FIFA
Source: @EA


Tips and Tricks

In order to build a proper FUT Draft, there are some guidelines one must follow. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out:

  1. Chemistry over rating always. Nine out of ten times picking a player that boosts your team’s chemistry is a better pick than a high-rated that just doesn’t fit in your team. Often we’re too tempted to do the latter.
  2. Pick as many icons as you can even if they’re not meta. The links that an icon provides are extremely useful for your final squad.
  3. After you’re done picking your squad, take your time and apply custom tactics to your squad.
  4. More often than not, you’ll find that the players you pick don’t come with an appropriate chemistry style. You can apply the chemistry style glitch in this case.

Here’s NepentheZ explaining the glitch:

Once you get the hang of Drafts, you’ll realize that it is an extremely enjoyable mode to play. Not only is it different from the usual FUT grind but it also allows you to try out new players. So just head into a draft and try out your luck this quarantine!

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