Gfinity FUT Champions Cup Kick-Off

Gfinity FUT Champions Cup kick-off Esports FIFA 19
Image courtesy of @EAFIFAesports Twitter

The Gfinity FUT Champions Cup Kick-Off is underway with some of the best FIFA 19 players from around the world showing up and ready to play for the Championship cup; F2Tekkz has arrived.

Once again we have an opportunity to watch the best FIFA 19 players from all around the world gathered in one place. F2Tekkz will have a chance to pick up a trophy on home ground in London at the Gfinity FUT Champions Cup. Last time when he came to a tournament in England as recent champion, he didn’t perform so well. However, he is way more experienced now, and this time he knows how to deal with pressure. He is the biggest favorite in the Xbox division, but he will potentially have a very strong opponent in Grand, cross-platform final. The group stage is already over; we’ve seen several upsets and great games but we will talk about it later on.

Gfinity FUT Champions Cup kick-off Esports FIFA 19 Players
Image courtesy of @EAFIFAesports Twitter
Format and rules

Usually, there is no need for an extensive explanation of how tournaments are conceptualized, but Gfinity FUT Champions Cup is a bit more complicated. Of course, this tournament is separated by two divisions. There’s a total of 64 players that will be divided into Xbox and PS4 sections. Unlike in previous tournaments, there will be four different groups per console ( as opposed to the Swiss system where players play in Round Robin format). That means that competitors play one match against each player in the group. Each player has already played in seven matches in the Group Stage.

Groups are seeded by the “snake” system. Essentially, it means that higher ranked players will have an easier job exponentially. For example, F2Tekkz (world number 1) is going to have a slightly easier job than Marcus Gomes (world number 2) and a much easier job than Rogue GoalMachine (world number 4). Standard rules apply for matches and gameplay. So, each match is going to have two games, and the aggregate score will determine a winner. Top five teams from each group advance in Knock-Out stage. If two players have the same number of wins, the Head-to-Head score will determine who is going to advance further.

Knock-Out Stage
Gfinity FUT Champions Cup kick-off Esports FIFA 19 Players Knockout Stage Brackets
Image courtesy of @EAFIFAesports Twitter

The winner of the group is going directly to a second round. The second player is going to play against the third player from another group in some kind of Winner match. The winner will confront the group winner, and the loser will play in an Elimination match. The fourth player will face the fifth player from another group. The winner of that match will play against loser from Winner match, and the loser will drop out of the tournament. So, Knock-out Stage is similar to CS:GO group stage.

Have we lost you yet?

What did we saw on the first day?

Considering that 224 matches have been played so far, it is impossible to cover all of them. However, here are the most significant results.

In thhe PS4 division, all favorites reached the Play-offs. Some players performed unexpectedly well. The biggest positive surprise of PS4 section is definitely 9z Yago who won Group D as a lowest ranked player. He met one of the favorites in the first round – Agge. Everyone thought it would have been an easy win, and indeed it was, but in Yago’s favor. He defeated Agge 5-1. Yago continued playing confidently and scalped another famous player. MoAuba was another victim of Yago’s great run. The aggregate score was 7-6. Only Yago’s loss occurred in fourth round versus Prohunter (6-5). He won all other games; the most convincing one was in the last round against Arti. The final result was 11-4.

Gfinity FUT Champions Cup kick-off Esports FIFA 19 Group Standings
Image courtesy of @EAFIFAesports Twitter

Alongside Yago, LordHjorth was another surprise of PS4 side. SPQR TORE and MaestroSquad were favorites for winning the first spot in Group C. But LordHjorth disagreed with that. Before he faced SPQR TORE in the fourth round, he won all his matches. All of his three previous matches were tight. But then he beat TORE 6-4. In the next round, he met MastroSquad and crushed him. The final score was 10-5. Anyway, LordHjorth didn’t manage to keep his winning streak. He lost in the sixth round to RBL Cihan. In Group B, we saw unbeaten Nicolas99FC who claimed the first place. Joksan expectably won Group A with score 6-1.

Xbox side – Marcus Gomez and GoalMachine are out

Unlike in PS4 division, we saw two big players dropping out of the Gfinity FUT Champions Cup on the XBox side. Everyone was shocked when Marcus Gomez didn’t manage to advance further. A young Australian player started with great momentum. First, he defeated Josuesto 6-4 and then destroyed Vitality Rafsou with aggregate score 7-2. Everything was going fine for last Champions Cup Semi-finalist, but suddenly everything went downhill for him. He didn’t win a single match until the end of a Group Stage. It was a huge disappointment for Marcus Gomez. However, he is not alone. Rogue GoalMachine drop out a Gfinity FUT Champions Cup as well. He lost a couple humiliating matches. GoalMachine conceded so many goals. Truly he improved overall impression with the 11-4 win in last round, but it was too late.

PSG DaXe was a pleasing surprise in Group B. He was one of bottom seeded player, but he secured first place in a group. He beat Marcus Gomez in last round. F2Tekkz didn’t win all of his matches, but he advanced in Play-off and that matters the most. He lost to Bundled Stokes in the third round and that was his only loss in Group Stage.

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