Get ready for upcoming FUT Champions Cup

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Get Ready for the Upcoming FUT Champions Cup.

The season started about 2 months ago. FIFA 19 was released on 28th September and players had many positive and negative comments. Some players think that FIFA 19 is much better than the previous one, other think differently. However, the season is going on. We had an opportunity to see many players in action in last big event in October. Namely, if you wanted to play FUT Champions Cup, you had to do decent enough in Continental Cup 2018.

So, right there, we could see players’ forms and tactics. Now, we can look forward to the biggest event at the beginning of the season.

Rules and format

FUT Champions Cup is going to be played in Bucharest, Romania. Players from all around the world will compete with each other from 30th November to 2nd December. The group of 64 players will participate in the following event. They will be separated into two groups, with 32 players. One group will play on XBox, another group will play on PS4. By the way, it is good to mention that PS4 is a presenter of this event.

All players in the tournament will play two games per match. Five matches are going to be played in Group Stage, in other words, 10 games. FUT Champions Cup will use the Swiss system in the Group Stage. For those who are not familiar with the Swiss system, here is an explanation. Players will get first opponents randomly and after that, they will get their opponents according to their results. Three loses means that the player is out of the tournament.

Sixteen players will take part in the Knock-Out Stage from each group. Seeders are going to be chosen by results in Group Stage. In the end, only one player will stay in the game for each console. They will play in a so-called cross-platform final. They will also play 2 games, one on XBox and one on PS4.

One thing I forgot to mention and that applies to all matches is about deciding a winner of the match. The aggregate score will be counted, and if it is equalized, players will play Extra Time, and in the last instance, they will take penalties to decide the winner.

Prize money and streaming

The prize pool for this event is $200.000 USD. The money is not only thing players get, but they also earn Global Series Points. A winner is going to get 1.500 Global Series Points and here is how points are distributed according to placement: second place – 850, 3rd-4th – 625, 5th-8th – 450, 9th-16th – 275, 17th-32nd – 150.

The money will be distributed in the same way, so I am just going to write prizes. The winner will receive $50.000 and numbers go on: $30.000, $15.000, $7.500, $3.500, $1.000, $500.

For those who want to watch live streams, games start all three days at 12:00 AM CET and they last about 6 to 7 hours. Competitors will play Group Stage on 30th November, 1/8 Round and Quarters on 1st December, and the rest on 2nd December.

Here is the full schedule:

You will have an opportunity to listen to ones of the best eSports commentators like Spencer “Spencer FC” Owen, Jimmy Conrad, Richard Buckley, and many others, including Machester City right-back Kyle Walker and reporter Rachel Stringer.

Players to watch

As I said, we already had an opportunity to see players in action, so we more-less know what to expect from which player. Here are some interesting players who have done something significant in last year. Joksan “Epsilon Joksan” Redona is a winner of Continental Cup, so the impression is still fresh, and we can assume that he is one of the favorites for winning this event.

Confidence is a very important thing in everyday life, but especially in sport, and Joksan is full of it. This member of the Epsilon esports team is the first North American who won a non-region event. Also, he won PlayStation 4 division of the Gfinity Spring Cup last season, so we can seriously count on him in FUT Champions Cup. 

Another very interesting player is Nicolas “Nicolas99FC” Villalba. He is part of FC Basel esport club. Villalba made decent results in a previous season, he scalped some big names, so he is definitely one of the favorites for taking the main prize in this competition. Donovan “F2Tekkz” Hunt is young and perspective player, he failed to qualify for FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, but he managed to get in all live events this year. Also, he is the first XBox player who achieved 30-0 in Weekend League. Because of his lack of experience and age, he will be under big pressure. It will be interesting to see how he will fight against that pressure.

August “North Agge” Rosenmeier failed to pass Group Stage of Continental Cup, but he had a very good season. He moved from Hashtag United to North and he also recorded 30-0 in Weekend League. North Agge successful qualified for many events and he left an excellent impression. One thing is sure, this is going to be amazing FUT Champions Cup. 

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