FUTWIZ Zelonius showed us why automatic defense is bad [FIFA 19]

FUTWIZ Zelonius automatic defense is bad FIFA 19 Esports
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One of the most hated things among FIFA 19 fans these days is the automatic defense. FIFA 19 fans from all around the world are posting videos where they are complaining about this feature. FUTWIZ Zelonius decided to do the same thing. He showed to whole FIFA community why is automatic defense bad. 

Computer vs Human

Anyone who ever played any FIFA in both Ultimate Team and Career Mode knows how big difference is between these two. Totally unexpectedly, it’s much harder to play against AI than human. Those who never played Career Mode underestimate results of those who did. They say how it is easy to beat the computer and how computers are stupid. According to their words, it’s much harder to beat someone who actually can think. But once when they sit and start playing Career Mode, they get humiliated by AI.

The logical question is – why is that so? Are computers really capable of thinking as real people? Well, one of the reasons is definitely automatic defense. Humans are just unable to defend at the same level as the computer does. Simply, a gamer can control only one player in real time. So, he is never able to be in control of all players on the team at the same time.

On the other hand, AI can do exactly that. That’s why so many players have a hard time trying to pierce through the computer’s defense. It can be really annoying and frustrating. It’s like you play against the wall.

FUTWIZ Zelonius demonstrated what problem automatic defense is causing

FUTWIZ Zelonius is just one of the many FIFA 19 players who is irritated by the unbeatable automatic defense. Therefore, he decided to demonstrate how you can actually take advantage over your opponent while using automatic defense. It’s completely logical; if your opponent can use it, then you can too.

FUTWIZ Zelonious was playing one of his ordinary Ultimate Team games. At the end of the match, his opponent had one of the last attacks. FUTWIZ Zelonious had a decent lead, so he decided to check if he can make automatic defense working in his favor. Instead of switching players, he just controlled Ibra, who is apparently an attacker. While he was bored controlling Ibra and doing basically nothing, his defense did the whole job for him.

FUTWIZ Zelonious said by himself that you just need to control one attacker. You don’t even need controlling your defensive line. They will tackle and steal the ball alone. This is a pretty big problem. Also, this maybe means that the whole concept about FIFA is wrong. The gap between computer and humans shouldn’t be that big when it comes to gaming. So, EA should definitely change something.

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