FUT Champions Update: What a day! MoAuba is out, no Germans left

FUT Champions Update

FUT Champions Update: What a day! MoAuba is out, no Germans left

FUT Champions Cup 2018 Bucharest kicked off yesterday, and we have already seen many interesting games and goals, but Day 2 was just unbelievable. If you missed today’s happening, you should definitely watch a streaming video. We had everything.

The biggest upset of the tournament, some crazy games and goals, and maybe the best match in FIFA 19 so far. Thirty-two competitors continued playing today, but only eight left. We’ve seen Quarters and Semi-Finals for both consoles and we got names of finalist that will fight for the cross-platform final.

Tomorrow we will find out the name of the FUT Champions Cup 2018 Bucharest winner.

MoAuba’s shocking loss

After dominating in the group stage, MoAuba was considered to be the favorite to win the title. His first opponent was AndoniiPM who finished the Group Stage with three wins and two losses. It seemed that the German player would have an easy game. MoAuba is known as someone who smiles a lot, so it was unusual to see him not smiling today. That was the first sign that something is wrong.

He probably felt a huge pressure on his back after an outstanding performance in Group Stage. Everyone expected the best from him, and he knew that. On other hand, he maybe was too much relaxed and self-confident. Maybe he felt too good about himself, so he wasn’t uptight enough.


The match started, and MoAuba lost the first leg with the score 3-1. In the second game, AndoniiPM scored one nice goal with Pele. MoAuba tried harder, but the result was almost the same. He lost the second leg with final result 2-1. Everyone was shocked because of this loss. This has been definitely the biggest upset so far in the tournament. This was the first match of the day, and it is known that the first match is the most convenient for outsiders to make an upset.

After the match, Kyle Walker asked AndoniiPM what he ate for breakfast in order to figure out how he made an upset. AndoniiPM smiled at the question and he answered he had coffee, tea, and some proteins. Nevertheless, it seems he didn’t eat enough proteins because he lost his next match against Wolrd number one, Joksan.

Joksan and Rogue GoalMachine advanced confidently, MaestroSquad played a crazy game

MoAuba dropping out is the biggest surprise of the tournament, but he is not alone. There are some other players who dropped out in matches where they were favorites. Red Bull Leipzig’s player Cihan lost his match vs Gilles_1996. We saw a bunch of goals, 17 in total. Gilles_1996 won the first leg with final score 5-3. The second leg finished 5-4 in Cihan’s favor, still not enough for Extra time. Gilles later faced one of the favorites, Danish player called Agge. Agge prevailed in that match, so Gilles went home after Quarters. Nicolas99FC also lost his match against SPQR_TORE. The match was very close, Nicolas had far more shots, but Brazilian player won. The aggregate score was 2-1. TORE went one step further. He beat Phil_B94 and is going to face MaestroSquad.

MaestroSquad played a thrilling game in the first match. He lost the first leg against Stuttgart’s player VfBDrErhano. Maestro managed to enter the game in Extra Time, but he conceded a goal. He had to score another goal, but the time was ticking out. Everyone thought the game was over, but in the last minute, Maestro scored a beautiful goal by Ronaldinho. The game went to Penalties.

The ending was so tense, Maestro had several chances to finish the match but he failed. The Frenchman was extremely nervous, he reacted furiously after every penalty. In the end, he won the game. Everyone in the studio thought that they have just watched the best match of the tournament, but they were wrong.


Joksan didn’t do so well in Group Stage. However, he is the World number one and it is unclever to write him off. He proved that he just had the bad first day. He convincingly won his two matches and he is going to face Agge in next round. In XBox side, Rogue is still unbeatable.

He won his matches versus M10 Resende (scoring 10 goals) and versus Kevin Assia with final score    5-4. He is going to compete with Ajax Dani for the Semi-final.

What a match! The last German is out of competition

Sixteen Germans started in FUT Champions Cup, and no one left. Germany was the most dominant nation in the tournament. Some of the favorites were Germans, like MoAuba and Cihan. Also, one of the youngest guys on tour was German. Proownez was the last German standing in the competition. He kicked FaZeTass out of the tournament. Young player won his first match and he was ready to face Marcus Gomes. Gomez won the first leg scoring three goals and conceding none. Proownez had a hard task to accomplish, but he done it.

He scored three goals in the second leg and had everything in control.


German scored another, late goal and he was close to winning the match. He had the ball in the middle of pitch and commentators started talking about his next game. Suddenly, he lost the ball in a stupid way. Literally, in the last second, Marcus Gomes scored an amazing goal, and the game went into Extra Time. Proownez was mentally down, and he conceded another two goals in Extra Time, it seemed that the match is finished and the German was out of the tournament. But he again came back in the match.

In the last minute of Extra Time, Proownez scored a goal from the edge of the box by Messi, and players went to Penalties. German had two “match points” but he missed both times and Australian prevailed. It definitely wasn’t a match to watch for people with heart disease.

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