FUT Champions Cup 2018 Bucharest kicked off – Invincible MoAuba

FUT Champions Cup 2018 Bucharest kicked off - Invincible MoAuba

FUT Champions Cup 2018 Bucharest kicked off – Invincible MoAuba

The so awaited event in Romania finally kicked off. Sixty-four players from 21 countries started competing for one of the biggest titles in a whole season. We can compare this tournament to Grand Slams in tennis,  or to Grand Prix in Formula 1. It wasn’t easy for players to put them in position to play in such valuable competition. They had to pass through very picky filters. So many games had to be played and so many goals had to be scored in order to be in Bucharest in these three days.

Global Series Points

According to rules of the tournament, FIFA players have to play two games per match. So, until now, 80 matches have been played per console, that means that totally has been played 320 games. Unbelievable number, but also not so true. Due to rule that players who lost their games three times drop out, some players didn’t play all five matches. Fourteen matches haven’t been played.

Unfortunately, the number of players has already been halved after the first day. So in continuation of competition, we will have 16 players per console fighting for the main prize. However, players that are out of the tournament won’t go home with empty hands. Namely, they will receive 80 Global Series Points and pleasing $500 USD. That is a nice consolation for competitors that were unlucky or out of form.

MoAuba cannot lose a single match

However, there is one player who not only played all five matches, but he won them all. As the title suggests that player is MoAuba. This Werder Bremen’s player lost only two games in his matches. First against FCB NICOLAS99FC with result 3-1 and second vs MaestroSquad with result 3-2. MoAuba lost his first game against FCB NICOLAS99FC, but he managed to come back in the second game, beating him 3-0. Even though MoAuba was a huge favorite in this match, it turned out to be a tough game. FCB NICOLAS99FC was very solid, and he didn’t allow MoAuba to play as best as he can. Anyway, Auba punched back in the next game. By the way, this was only game that FCB NICOLAS99FC lost, so it tells us how good a player he is.

fut-champions-19-bucharest-day-1-moauba futhead.com
Image courtesy of futhead.com

In the next round, German player confronted 10th player in the world, MaestroSquad. Everyone was looking for one close match and it indeed was, if we look at the score. But if we look at gameplay, Auba was the dominant side in both games. He was shooting far more than Mastro and he had bigger possession. Luckily for Auba, Mastro didn’t achieve victory with enough high score. After first game had ended 3-1 in Auba’s favor, 3-2 in the second game was insufficient for extra time. I have to say that both players were unbeaten before this match, so it was about which one will fall first. Mo prevailed.

https://clips.twitch.tv/SmoggyOutstandingMonitorAliens  – Auba scored some beautiful goals.


Rogue GoalMachine is master of XBox side

Just like MoAuba crushed the field in PS4 group, Canadian player did the same thing in XBox part of the competition. Somehow it seems that Auba was more dominant in the PS4 group than Rogue in XBox group. The first match of Rogue was so close, he played even first game with FUTWIZ Jamie, the score was 3-3. The following game was much easier for Rogue to play. Consequently, he won second game 2-1. The second round was even tougher for Canadian.

He lost first game against German Hensoo. Hensoo was dominant in the second game, too, but Rogue managed to win that game 3-0. The aggregate score was 3-2 in favor of Rogue. Another hard match was in the fourth round. He again played against German player called “prooooownez“. The aggregate score was 5-4 after both players scored two goals in the first game.

Favorites and surprises

Definitely, the biggest surprise in the whole event is the former FIFA Major champion dropping out of the tournament. Tassal “FaZeTass” Rushan didn’t even reach 5th round, because he already lost for the third time in round 4. He lost to the young and perspective German player Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen. DullenMIKE just destroyed British player in both games. In the second game FaZe, Tass had only three shots and German managed to direct 13 shots towards Tass’s goal.

Maybe right-back Mbape cost Tass the game.

Fut Champions 2019 Mbape cost Tass the game

When we talk about favorites, we must notice the relatively bad performance of FIFA 19 Global Series number one – Joksan. He managed to avoid dropping out of the tournament, but according to his score of 3 wins and 2 loses, he was close to the end of his path in Bucarest.

Tables and upcoming matches

Now, when the Group Stage is finished, we are going to watch more exciting games, considering that the Knock-Out Stage is coming. Here you can see the standings in PS4 Group.


Fut Champions Cup Bucharest standings in PS4 Group
Image courtesy of toornament.com
Here are standings for Xbox:

Fut Champions Cup Bucharest standings in Xbox Group 2019


Also, we know the pairs of Round 16, so prepare yourself for more interesting clashes tomorrow.


FUT Champions Cup 2019 Bucharest PlayStation Group Bracket Playoffs
Image courtesy of twitter.com/EAFIFAesports
FUT Champions Cup 2019 Bucharest PlayStation Group Bracket Playoffs Xbox
Image courtesy of twitter.com/EAFIFAesports


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