FUT 21 Pitch Notes Released

FUT 21 Pitch Notes released

FUT fans have been dying to see what changes are being brought to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Good news for them as EA Sports has just released FUT 21 Pitch Notes. If you haven’t read our FIFA 21 Official Gameplay Trailer Reveal article yet, be sure to check that out first!

Without further ado, let’s hop right into the pitch notes.


EA has made it clear that providing meaningful ways to play the game with friends is one of their prime goals on this title. You can jump into a match with your friend on Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Friendlies. There will now be a separate friends widget that you can access at the bottom right of your screen. Just tap on R2/RT, and you’ll be taken to a match lobby with your friend. The person who sets up the lobby will be the captain and can choose among his squads for the match.

From now on, there will be a cap on the number of weekly Divison Rivals matches. This is similar to what we have on Squad Battles now. You will still earn coins and skill ratings for every game. In the case of Division Rivals, matchmaking will consider the highest skill rating of the two players. If you don’t like the idea of a co-op, then don’t worry. You can toggle co-ops on/off as per your wish.

FUT Events

What if the entire FIFA community could get together and compete to complete objectives? FUT Events lets you do just that. This is what excites us the most in the FUT 21 pitch notes. There will be two types of FUT Events:

  • Community Events: In Community Events, you, as an individual player, will tackle objectives to contribute to a global XP pool. As the community plays, tiers will be unlocked, rewarding all the participating players.
  • Team Events: In Team Events, EA will divide the community into two or more teams. The teams will compete against each other, with players racing to complete objectives. In the end, the winning team will earn coins, packs, or other rewards. The team which loses will get consolation rewards as well.

Here is the Class of ’21 for FUT icons:

FUT 21 Icons Stars FIFA 21

Division Rivals changes

EA Sports has made positive changes to Division Rivals, with the hope of creating a “friendlier path” for players of all levels. Alongside the usual placement matches, players can also resort to Squad Battles to determine their starting point at Rivals. Your first 30 Squad Battles matches can help you do so. It will take into account your difficulty level, and the results of your Squad Battles matches. Additionally, EA has fine-tuned placement matches to determine a more accurate division for players. Players will also get a one-time coin reward for reaching a higher division. These seem to be quite welcome changes as part of the FUT 21 pitch notes.

There are other minor changes here and there, including stadium customization, removal of fitness items, and updated game menus for quicker and better navigation.

Can these finally be the changes that will restore the faith of FUT fans? Let’s see how the fans respond when the game releases this October!

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